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Small Business: The Real Business of America

tt-small-biz2.gifIf you want to take the measure of business in the United States, just glance at those stores on the strip mall that you pass every day on your way to work. It’s your bagel place, a laundry operation, maybe a strictly takeout restaurant. Many are microbusinesses. And if you want to take the measure of business in the United States that you don’t see, imagine all the small companies run from home, self-employed consultants, for example, on every subject under the sun.

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The Real Illegal-Immigration Issue: Employers

tt159_(1).pngI recently came across the following article looking at the ongoing immigration question in our country from an often times ignored perspective: Should we hold employers more accountable? Now, this issue is one that generates intense feelings on both sides of the debate and the author weaves a fine line in his argument. In my opinion, his perspective on how we should look at this issue stirred some deep and candid conversations with some of my peers.

I firmly believe that employer accountability as a component of the immigration debate should be addressed. It has been historically ignored under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Some create this somewhat ridiculous paradox of encouraging a greater influx of immigrant workers by soliciting those workers with the prospects of jobs, while simultaneously stigmatizing those workers for coming to our country for those opportunities. By ignoring this important piece of the puzzle, we are allowing the exploitation of these workers to continue and creating a "faux" villain to perpetuate class and racial divides.

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Portable Benefits: Traveling With A Cloak Of Security

tt158.pngThe Internet economy has given us many new words, and two recent additions are “portable benefits.” They might be new, but it is an important term because it stands to affect a huge portion of working Americans.

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A Step Forward for Educational Transparency and Gainful Employment

tt157.jpgFew topics are as dear to me as education. Only a handful of actions can propel you forward in life, like the benefits of a good education. I’m a deep believer in education and firmly committed to it because it truly helps level the playing field for later in life. As I was taught early in life by my parents, education is the gateway to a lifetime of opportunity only limited by one's thirst to acquire it.

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Property Taxes: Improving the “Senior Freeze” Program

tt156.pngThe subject of my topic this week is a lesson that you can improve the tax system in favor of New Jersey residents who pay some of the highest property taxes in U.S. bureaucracy.

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Burlington County Unites

tt155-mar-8-2017.pngRecently, actions by the Klu Klux Klan in releasing racist and homophobic flyers, attacks on immigrants of Indian descent, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and threats of violence at Jewish community centers were designed to sow the seeds of division and heighten fear in our communities. On Thursday, March 2nd at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Maple Shade, NJ public officials, clergy leaders and concerned community members came together as one voice against intolerance, bigotry and discrimination. Our message of unity and inclusiveness permeated through the program. The following is the longer version of my remarks that were shortened on the night of the program.

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A Steady Road to Reducing Domestic Violence

tt154-mar-2-2017.jpgDomestic violence is one of the greatest threats to our families and is among the most difficult challenges for our legal system to address effectively. I had the privilege of serving last year on a New Jersey Supreme Court committee which looked closely at this issue from all facets. Our committee which included representatives from all three branches of government, the private sector, academia, advocacy groups and legal practitioners representing both victims and those charged with domestic violence recommended changes in an array of areas, including education, training, and resources for victims and adjudication and treatment of offenders.

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The Best Investment Return You’ll Ever Earn

tt153-feb-22-2017.jpgOne of the greatest and most significant investments that we as a society can make toward the future success of our nation is in early childhood education. Research shows that the best time to shape future productivity is from birth to age five (5). This is because the brain is most apt for development. Stimulating educational influences during this time period lays the foundation for the cognitive and character skills necessary to achieve success in school, personal health, professional development for the rest of one’s overall life. 

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Lower Prescription Drug Prices? Pricing Transparency Provides an Answer

tt152-feb-16-2017.jpgIn the world of consumerism, few topics are as important and yet as murky as that of pricing for prescription drugsThe importance of this is undeniable: Millions of Americans of every age must take prescribed medicine. Murky because how some pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) charge for those prescriptions can in some instances be nothing more than gouging, and they make it almost impossible to divine (for the public) how they arrive at their pricing schemeYet it’s always the consumer who ultimately ends up paying for it.

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Shattering A Tradition Of Transparency

tt151-feb-9-2017.jpgFor decades, a fundamental expectation in politics has been that candidates who run for the presidency and vice presidency of the United States disclose their tax returns. That is until the unprecedented campaign of 2016, of course. President Donald Trump has adamantly refused to release his taxes to the public, which while is his prerogative, is a dangerous sign with regards to the transparency of the most powerful position in the world.

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