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Connecting The Pieces Of The Health Care Puzzle

tt-health-care-puzzle.jpgThe first step in solving the health care puzzle in the United States is to recognize that there is no single idea or a one-size-fits-all legislation that makes the problem go away. It is too broad and too complex. However, by creatively examining each piece of the puzzle, we can design an interlocking package of health care solutions. This is what I have attempted to do on the state level along with other well-intentioned legislators, to offer an encompassing umbrella that covers a broad segment of health care issues.

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Repeating The Insanity Of The War On Drugs

tt-war-on-drugs_(1).jpgFew clichés have entered the lexicon with such persistence as the one that maintains that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Unfortunately, this cliché survives and it aptly describes United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ proposed sentencing guidelines applied to convicted drug users.

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Human Trafficking: Closing Down The Traffickers

tt-human-trafficking-v2.jpgIn the war against human trafficking, a first-of-a-kind lawsuit against a Philadelphia motel signals a new and important crime prevention tool. In Pennsylvania, this new law allows victims of sex trafficking to sue the hotel or motel where the abuse occurs.

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Scrapping "Essential Benefits" May Be Biggest Health Care Change

tt164.jpgThe conversation surrounding health care in our country can be oftentimes complicated and difficult to grapple with. Trying to decipher the impact of block grants and state waivers, Medicaid and Medicare, and how it affects your financial and physical well being can be overwhelming. Compounding this debate is that health care is a very emotional issue because we rarely think about until we or our loved ones absolutely need it.

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Reaching The Golden Years With Confidence

tt163_(1).pngIt's a sad truth. Most Americans don't save enough for retirement. Studies by the United States Bureau of Labor show that the majority of workers do not have a retirement savings plan through their employer, and less than 10 percent of all workers contribute to a plan outside of work. It's a discomforting thought, and it's an economic punch that people will have to live with — day by day — during a period that is supposed to be their "golden years."

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A National Drug Policy: Focus On The Future, Not The Past

tt162.jpgWhen does a national policy finally reach the point where it is an acknowledged failure, regardless of how well-intentioned it was when we first promulgated it? When does it become necessary to raise the obvious yet fundamental assertion that our efforts to contain and curtail illegal drug use as a major policy approach have been a dismally unsuccessful?

In the medical field, if you test a drug as a possible cure and the results demonstrate its ineffectiveness, a scientist would move on, seeking another solution. We had waged war against drugs for 50 years when the United States glommed onto the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1961. Ten years later, President Nixon followed with the “war on drugs.”

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Are Free Market Forces the Solution for Our Country’s Health Care Woes?

tt-health.pngThere is no topic in recent times that garners more attention than health care, except for the never-ending debate on higher taxes. Cupped into the debate surrounding health care in our country are the oftentimes competing concerns of cost, quality of service, availability, and who pays for what.

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Small Business: The Real Business of America

tt-small-biz2.gifIf you want to take the measure of business in the United States, just glance at those stores on the strip mall that you pass every day on your way to work. It’s your bagel place, a laundry operation, maybe a strictly takeout restaurant. Many are microbusinesses. And if you want to take the measure of business in the United States that you don’t see, imagine all the small companies run from home, self-employed consultants, for example, on every subject under the sun.

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The Real Illegal-Immigration Issue: Employers

tt159_(1).pngI recently came across the following article looking at the ongoing immigration question in our country from an often times ignored perspective: Should we hold employers more accountable? Now, this issue is one that generates intense feelings on both sides of the debate and the author weaves a fine line in his argument. In my opinion, his perspective on how we should look at this issue stirred some deep and candid conversations with some of my peers.

I firmly believe that employer accountability as a component of the immigration debate should be addressed. It has been historically ignored under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Some create this somewhat ridiculous paradox of encouraging a greater influx of immigrant workers by soliciting those workers with the prospects of jobs, while simultaneously stigmatizing those workers for coming to our country for those opportunities. By ignoring this important piece of the puzzle, we are allowing the exploitation of these workers to continue and creating a "faux" villain to perpetuate class and racial divides.

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Portable Benefits: Traveling With A Cloak Of Security

tt158.pngThe Internet economy has given us many new words, and two recent additions are “portable benefits.” They might be new, but it is an important term because it stands to affect a huge portion of working Americans.

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