Why You Should Mentor During January, National Mentoring Month

  • tt-mentorship.jpgYou can influence someone’s life directly and often quickly.
  • You can contribute to the betterment of an individual and society at large.
  • You can become a better you by placing someone else first.
  • You can better appreciate the effects of a mentor on your dreams, aspirations and successes.

Each of the aforementioned points are key takeaways from the joy of being a mentor to someone, whether personally or professionally. Furthermore, mentoring is a proven strategy that is integral for long lasting and positive development of our youth.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Service And You

mlk_ad.jpgOn Monday, January 15, we will celebrate a holiday dedicated to one of America’s greatest leaders of the 20th century: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public remembrances often evoke some emotion in all of us, leaving us with a strong sense of history as we ponder a specific person or event, seemingly frozen in time. The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is different. While it honors the man for his impact, influence and achievements in civil rights for all people, it offers something more.

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Nuclear Power's Impact On New Jersey

tt-nuclear.jpgIt would be difficult to volunteer a word that has more potential for raising a reflexive concern than the term nuclear. While we know the benefits that nuclear energy provides — plenty of affordable, reliable energy to the world — we allow, privately at least, to fall into the valley of doubt, skepticism and fear about its continued use.

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My Secret New Year’s Resolution

In advance, Happy New Year.troy_talk_Whats_Your_Resolutionv2_(1).jpg
This is an odd time for the calendar. We’re heading toward the close of the year, usually evidenced by a slower work pace and a more relaxed atmosphere, both in social touches and the tempo of daily activities.
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Happy Holidays: A Time For Joy & Hope

TroytalkHappy_Holiday2017.jpgThe Holiday Spirit is difficult to define. I don’t mean that in the typical dictionary approach but rather in the everyday personal interpretive sense. Ask 10 people what it means, and it will probably vary, though I suspect the theme — fellowship, family and faith — would form some general basis of agreement. (Even the Grinch who grumbles about the holidays can find “comfort” in a reason to complain.) Anecdotally, people seem to be a bit more “lifted” in spirit and personality. You’ll often hear a Happy Holidays or a greeting of Merry Christmas.

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Don’t Throw Away The CHIP

chip.jpgThe deadline for a vulnerable segment of our population is closing in and the result of congressional inactivity could be devastating. I am referring to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which is in peril. Nationally, nearly 9 million youngsters (and about 370,000 pregnant women) receive care through CHIP.

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Human Rights Are Everyone's Rights

tt-humanrights.jpgDecember is Universal Human Rights Month. It began out of the ugliness, terror and cruelty of World War II. In the wake of that devastation and documented cruelty, the United Nations came to a thoughtful, strategic and empowering decision. They issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Dec. 10, 1948, which codified a standard for the treatment of everyone.

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The Insider NJ 2017 Retrospective

It was a horrible year. For Republicans not named Chris Brown. If you’re a Democrat, you probably thought 2017 was great.

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The Power Of Service

Troy_Talk__Service__graphic_(1).pngThere is no greater honor that any of us can receive than to be acknowledged for our service to our community. In fact, there is no greater reward in life in my opinion than that of service to your fellow man. And today, as all of you know, there is no greater need in our society than to be of service to one another.

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A Thanksgiving With No End

thanksgivingv3.jpgMany consider Thanksgiving the best holiday of all because it is so inclusive and excludes no one. In its simplest form, all you have to do is say thanks for what you have. However, this year, I’d like you to consider a slightly different approach to Thanksgiving. It’s that extra step that touches someone else and speaks volumes about you.

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