Property Taxes: Improving the “Senior Freeze” Program

tt156.pngThe subject of my topic this week is a lesson that you can improve the tax system in favor of New Jersey residents who pay some of the highest property taxes in U.S. bureaucracy.

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Burlington County Unites

tt155-mar-8-2017.pngRecently, actions by the Klu Klux Klan in releasing racist and homophobic flyers, attacks on immigrants of Indian descent, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and threats of violence at Jewish community centers were designed to sow the seeds of division and heighten fear in our communities. On Thursday, March 2nd at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Maple Shade, NJ public officials, clergy leaders and concerned community members came together as one voice against intolerance, bigotry and discrimination. Our message of unity and inclusiveness permeated through the program. The following is the longer version of my remarks that were shortened on the night of the program.

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A Steady Road to Reducing Domestic Violence

tt154-mar-2-2017.jpgDomestic violence is one of the greatest threats to our families and is among the most difficult challenges for our legal system to address effectively. I had the privilege of serving last year on a New Jersey Supreme Court committee which looked closely at this issue from all facets. Our committee which included representatives from all three branches of government, the private sector, academia, advocacy groups and legal practitioners representing both victims and those charged with domestic violence recommended changes in an array of areas, including education, training, and resources for victims and adjudication and treatment of offenders.

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The Best Investment Return You’ll Ever Earn

tt153-feb-22-2017.jpgOne of the greatest and most significant investments that we as a society can make toward the future success of our nation is in early childhood education. Research shows that the best time to shape future productivity is from birth to age five (5). This is because the brain is most apt for development. Stimulating educational influences during this time period lays the foundation for the cognitive and character skills necessary to achieve success in school, personal health, professional development for the rest of one’s overall life. 

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Lower Prescription Drug Prices? Pricing Transparency Provides an Answer

tt152-feb-16-2017.jpgIn the world of consumerism, few topics are as important and yet as murky as that of pricing for prescription drugsThe importance of this is undeniable: Millions of Americans of every age must take prescribed medicine. Murky because how some pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) charge for those prescriptions can in some instances be nothing more than gouging, and they make it almost impossible to divine (for the public) how they arrive at their pricing schemeYet it’s always the consumer who ultimately ends up paying for it.

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Shattering A Tradition Of Transparency

tt151-feb-9-2017.jpgFor decades, a fundamental expectation in politics has been that candidates who run for the presidency and vice presidency of the United States disclose their tax returns. That is until the unprecedented campaign of 2016, of course. President Donald Trump has adamantly refused to release his taxes to the public, which while is his prerogative, is a dangerous sign with regards to the transparency of the most powerful position in the world.

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Black History Month: When Every Color is Beautiful

tt150-feb-2-2017.jpgYesterday, Feb. 1, we began Black History Month, a period that serves as a full-month reminder about the accomplishments of African Americans in our country.

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Prominent Democrats Endorse Troy Singleton For State Senate

One day after saying he would “put his name forward to be considered for the Democratic nomination in this year’s state senate race in New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District, Assemblyman Troy Singleton has received the endorsement of two prominent Democrats.

On Tuesday, State Sen. Diane Allen (R-7) announced 2017 would be her last year in office due to unspecified health reasons. She said she would finish her term, but wouldn’t run for re-election.

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Safeguarding Our State’s Employee Pension Fund

tt149-jan-26-2017.jpgWhen you have an agreement, there are often two components that make it both viable and fair. One component is that it must offer specific details, and those who enter into an agreement do so in good faith.

Unfortunately, it appears that in recent years, Governor Chris Christie’s administration has demonstrated a concerted effort to ignore good faith when dealing with New Jersey’s employee state pension funding.

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The “Hidden” Advantages of Apprenticeship Programs

tt148-jan-19-2017.jpgWe hear a great deal of conversation regarding the need for our young citizens to gain higher education because expanding one’s educational horizons gives a person greater probability of increased income and diverse career choices. Study after study shows that over a lifetime, the person with more education will out earn someone who has less education.

However, there is an important corollary to this because “higher education” shouldn’t necessarily apply only to a traditional college degree. Higher education takes many forms.

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