Burlington County Special Services School District Gets $1.4M State Grant to Support Transition School

WESTAMPTON, NJ – State Senator Troy Singleton and the Burlington County Commissioners applauded the New Jersey Department of Education’s decision to award $1.4 million to the Burlington County Special Services School District to expand a program for young adults with disabilities.

The grant award will support the Burlington County Special Services School District Transition School program for adult students 18 to 21 years old. The program provides these students with workplace training and adult life skills education to help them transition from school to adult life. Typically, between 80 to 100 students are enrolled in the program each year.

A total of $9.6 million in funding was awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education to seven special services school districts across the state. Burlington County’s $1.4 million award was the maximum available.

“The Burlington County Special Services School District (BCSSSD) was created to provide learning opportunities for all students, regardless of their zip code, income or abilities,” said Burlington County Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson. “The BCSSSD Transition School program epitomizes that mission and teaches young adults skills needed to gain meaningful employment, live independently and pursue their dreams. This state funding will help the school district further enhance the Transition School to better prepare students for their lives ahead. It’s a fantastic program and we thank Senator Singleton and others who advocated for this state support.”

“Since 2016, the BCSSSD Transition School has helped hundreds of students learn skills needed for them to find work and live independently,” added Senator Singleton. “We’re extremely proud of the school and its students, and we applaud the Department of Education’s decision to award it significant funds to expand the program’s learning opportunities so students will be even better prepared to find success in their adult lives.”

Special Services School District officials plan to use the state funds to support expanded opportunities for Transition School students to attend classes at Rowan College at Burlington County. The school also plans to launch a new culinary program and a partnership with the Burlington County Library System so students can work at the Main Branch Library café.

In addition, grant funds will also be used to create student portfolios to assist them with job placements and to purchase virtual reality equipment for expanded workplace learning. The school also plans to acquire a driving simulator to assist students with obtaining driver’s licenses.

“From transportation and job training to cooking, cleaning, money management and other life skills, the BCSSSD Transition School Program helps prepare our adult students to find success in the workplace and at home,” said Tyler Burrell, president of the Burlington County Special Services School District Board of Education. “Our outstanding staff and students have made our Transition School a model for other transition programs across the state and region and we look forward to using this grant funding to make enhancements to further meet students’ needs.”

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