Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump At Fort Worth Rally

His endorsement gives front-runner Mr Trump a further lift before the 1 March Super Tuesday nomination contests. That’s the different between a governor and (senator) Marco Rubio. Well, Christie did Donald Trump a favor. 

“Mr. Trump’s campaign is seemingly built on a frustration towards government cloaked in hateful, divisive and shallow rhetoric”, said state Assemblyman Troy Singleton, D-7th of Palmyra.

Another candidate, Marco Rubio, went on the attack against Trump on Friday at a rally in Dallas. It also followed aggressive attacks by Rubio on Trump during Thursday’s debate and in television interviews and advertisements. He declined to say whether that would be before the general election in November, and claimed he was being targeted because the IRS was “biased against strong Christians”. Christie’s endorsement of Trump placed the spotlight on Baker at home, since just three weeks ago, Baker had endorsed Christie for president, ahead of the New Hampshire primary. He later said. “Now I get to defend all the stuff (Trump) says”. Earlier, Rubio joked that Trump might have wet his trousers backstage on debate night. Christie also endorsed Trump on Friday.

Kasich has been endorsed by one of Baker’s political mentors, former Republican Gov. Bill Weld. “And I think that any of the governors would do well for me”, LePage said on the George Hale-Ric Tyler Show on WVOM. “And really respected by Chris Christie”, Trump told Howie Carr.

Trump’s remark, Christie said, was “the kind of thing that people say when they have no experience and don’t know what they’re talking about”.

Christie, who suspended his presidential campaign after finishing sixth in the New Hampshire primary, announced he was throwing his support to Trump at a campaign rally in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday.

“It reminds us who Chris Christie is, how craven he is, maybe that Donald Trump has information on him, that sort of thing”.

Christie, a former GOP nomination rival, is considered an establishment Republican, an insider to party politics and the leader of the GOP’s efforts to elect more Republicans governor around the county in the 2014 cycle.

Trump, who spoke on the show after LePage, welcomed the endorsement, calling the governor a “great guy”.

LePage, who’s white, this month said asylum seekers are the biggest problem in ME because they bring diseases, including AIDS and what he called the “Ziki fly”, an incorrect reference to Zika, a mosquito-borne virus that might be linked to abnormally small heads in newborns and has affected mostly countries in South and Central America.


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