A Day To Remember: Women’s Equality Day

troytalkwomensday-v10.jpgHere’s a brief history quiz. What is the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution?

I’m not trying to trick you but rather to emphasize the amendment’s importance — it prohibits states and the federal government from discriminating against anyone’s right to vote based on gender. It is without doubt one of the first great victories for women’s rights, and upon reflection, the broadening of rights for everyone.

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Evidence-Based Policymaking: The Ultimate Test Of What Works

evidence_1.pngDoes it work? Is it worth it?

These two short sentences are the public’s two most salient questions when they hear about a new program, policy or initiative. They represent a common thread: citizens pay for all of these with their tax dollars.

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Right-To-Work Laws: A Common Falsehood

There is an old adage, "If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is." I am reminded of this when I hear proponents of Right-to-Work laws talk about their impact on the labor market and the overall economy. Despite its seemingly well-intentioned name, this type of law does not guarantee anyone a job or provide a state with an economic boom.

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A Letter To My Bosses

LTMB.jpgDear Bosses,

You don’t often ask me directly what I’m doing, or even more importantly, what I have done for you. When I began working for you — the residents of the 7th legislative district — my goal was always to do the best job possible, to protect and advance your interests and to establish a framework for anticipated and unanticipated challenges in the future.

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Closing Illegal Gun Loopholes

tt-illegal-gun-loopholes.jpgEnhancing Existing Laws will Make NJ’s Communities and Streets Safer

New Jersey has some of our nation’s strongest gun laws. Yet, too often, illegal firearms move far too easily into New Jersey from states with weaker gun laws and end up on our streets due to inconsistent state regulations. There is no federal anti-trafficking law that would provide some uniformity in this regard, so it has become easier for criminals to exploit weaknesses in the system and flood our communities with illegal guns. 

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The Sweetness Of New Jersey: Our Blueberry Crop

tt-blueberries.pngIt is National Blueberry Month, and in New Jersey….this is a big deal! The highbush blueberry is the official state fruit and New Jersey remains among the nation's top blueberry producing states. Blueberries are one of the more lucrative crops produced here in the state. Combined, with cranberries, they produce upward of two-thirds of all fruit industry revenues in New Jersey. And there’s a legitimate homegrown feel to blueberries because they are also one of the few fruits native to North America.

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Why Can’t Stakeholders And Shareholders Both Profit?

Artboard_1-100_(1).jpgThe Need For Public Benefit Corporations In New Jersey

When I was an undergraduate student at Rowan University, I recall one of my business school professors saying that a company where both stakeholders and shareholders see the company as successful is like finding the mythical unicorn. Not likely. I could see the logic of the argument but why should it be that way?

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Hunger Is Not A Game

tt-hunger-is-not-a-game.jpgYesterday, July 4th, was hopefully a day of fun and relaxation for most New Jersey residents. I also hope that you took a moment to reflect on the greatness of our country, even as we work through the challenges we face nationally. Many of us may have had a chance to hover over the grill, enjoy a picnic feast, nibble on cookies and lemonade and have the pleasure to reach out for that extra hot dog we didn’t need to eat.

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A Road Map For New Jersey’s Path To Innovation


Restoring Collaboration Between Academia, Technology And Industry

If you read the business pages of any significant publication, the mantra for future success, both for businesses and the economy in general, is an unmistakable, if frequently repeated mantra: innovate or expect to decline, and even die.

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The Outdoor “Escape” We All Need - Exploring New Jersey’s State Parks And Forests

tt-great-outdoors.jpgIt’s mid-June and the air is warmer, everything seems brighter, and people just seem to be a bit more relaxed during the summer. As we usher in the summer, it’s the perfect time to step away from your phone, take a break from the computer mouse, forgo that rerun on television and get outside.

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