A Matter of Dying With Dignity

tt34_.jpgIt continues to be one of the most emotional issues of our day. Should a person have the right to terminate their life if they face impending death because of a medical condition? This issue bubbles to the surface as more states begin to legislate or place on the ballot the question of doctor-assisted suicide. It reaches the national conversation and bursts into the public's consciousness when someone becomes a cause célèbre over the issue. We only need to recall the tumultuous reaction to the Karen Ann Quinlan case (d. 1985) and Terri Schiavo story (d. 2005) to know that to be the case.

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South Jersey Democratic Party Universe Gutcheck

This is interesting. South Jersey sources talk about the probable retirement of several veteran Democratic brand names, Jim Whelan, Fred Madden and Steve Sweeney (from the senate, at least), among them. To give itself the best shot at maintaining all seats intact (and maybe even adding a senate seat!), the South must put LD7 in play in 2017 and single out conquest of that office currently occupied by veteran Republican Senator Diane Allen. That means the ascent of either Singleton or his district-mate, Herb Conaway (see below). Political advisor to the Carpenters and an acolyte of former Speaker Roberts, Singleton seems tailor-made for the speakership. But like Greenwald (above), he suffers a timing factor created by Sweeney playing the role of gubernatorial contender and the immediate legislative leadership limitations that places on the rest of the sitting senate president’s mates. Sweeney can’t get anything from the north by promising the speakership to Singleton. Thus, the Singleton story is one more illustration of how Sweeney seemingly stymies those two young men most obviously right on the bubble of power. But when one considers the discipline of the South Jersey Democratic operation and the horrific downside for Singleton (a staunch Building Tradesman) or Greenwald (his late mother a dear friend of GN3) if they step out of line, it also confirms the power structure Sweeney commands as he undertakes his own advance.

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Obstructing YOUR Right to Vote in Ohio

tt33.jpgThe U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong. Recently, the court split along political lines, voting 5-4 in an emergency order that would deny Ohio voters access to voting on the Sunday before Election Day. They overturned several previous Ohio rulings by a federal judge and the 6th U.S. Court of Appeals that denied an attempt to close polls as an early voting option.

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Hey, You! Don’t Get Into My Cloud!!

tt32.jpgIn BC time (before computers), if you graduated from college and needed a transcript, you would contact the school, pay a small fee and ask them to send a copy of your grades to a prospective employer, for example.You would usually share some private information such as year of graduation and social security number to confirm your identity. It was simple and it worked.

That was yesteryear. Today, an informational deluge resides with various educational institutions, in everything from grades to health records. And because of technology and the sheer onslaught of record keeping, educational institutions are turning to cloud computing services to maintain, store and protect this torrent of information. The problem is simple. These companies hold some of the most private educational and related information about us, yet few guidelines dictate their use of our data.

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Moose’s Legacy: The One Time You DON’T Get A Second Chance

There’s a lot of cruelty in the world.tt_31.jpg

It’s almost impossible to watch a news show without a rise in blood pressure after hearing someone explain how they’ve been the victims of some cruel act.

However, for most victims of cruelty, they can eventually raise a voice about their plight. Most, that is, except for one group that is always silent, no matter how much they are mistreated: our pets and animal friends.

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The “Job” You Never Considered

tt30.jpgA common phrase that we hear all the time, especially when we judge those who we look up to, is the term “role model”. We constantly refer to upstanding and outstanding individuals whom we admire from afar and yet are close enough that we believe that they are worthy to emulate in this way. For some, finding these viable role models over the course of our day-to-day life can be challenging.

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Working Towards A Stable And Secure State Pension System

tt29.jpgThe other day I was playing the old game hot potato with my three-year old son and it dawned on me how the game could be a metaphor for New Jersey’s pension dilemma. Stay with me on this one. The game we were playing was Hot Potato. As you may recall from your youth, the object of the game is to keep the ball or object moving between those playing so that when the clock stops or the music runs out you are not left holding that “hot potato”. For those wondering, TJ lost the game.

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Lawmakers to consider vets benefit expansion, judges retirement age

TRENTON — New Jersey lawmakers are returning to the Statehouse this week following their summer break and are expected to take up several measures, including extending certain benefits to all veterans rather than just those who served during wartime, and raising the mandatory retirement age for state judges and county prosecutors.

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Time for Action to End Domestic Violence

tt28.jpgHey gang! I hope you have enjoyed the posts on my blog. I try to give you a sense of my take on current affairs and more substantive policy issues. I believe that our government works best when those given the responsibility to represent all of us remain in close contact with those who sent us to do the job. This week is a little twist. My wife, Megan, asked if she could send a message out to you guys about the importance of eradicating domestic violence. Her story is both poignant and personal. Let us know what you think. Here’s Megan’s take:

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Calming the Fires of Ferguson

I watched with deep sorrow and despair as the events unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri over the last couple of weeks in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown.  This episode has raised a firestorm of legal and racial issues, which brings with it both rational and inflammatory commentary and behavior from those who line up on differing sides of this tragic American saga.

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