Celebrating a Mother’s Day That Never Ends

tt61.jpgWe have just finished celebrating Mother’s Day. During a church service recently, the celebrant reminded us that the second most celebrated holiday was Mother’s Day (pointing out, with a touch of humor, that Father’s Day slips to a deep 32 on the list). Figures, doesn't it fellas.

That said, we rightfully celebrated this holiday with our mothers in houses of worship or as a family get together with Mom, Dad, siblings and extended family. If our mothers are not with us, as is the case with my mother, Delores Singleton, they are still ever-present in our hearts and prayers.

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Sexual Assault and the Evolution of Modern Law

tt60.jpgRape is a heinous criminal act. A perpetrator of such a despicable crime deserves public scorn and punishment to the fullest extent of the law.  New Jersey’s rape statute contemplates a variety of factors, including the age of the victim, the victim’s relationship to the perpetrator and the level of injury sustained by the victim, which contribute to the seriousness of the offense and the degree of punishment. What is not explicitly accounted for in New Jersey’s statute, however, is whether sexual intercourse achieved by means of fraud or deceit is appropriately titled as rape.  My proposal, A3908, is designed to engage that conversation.

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The Tax Credit That Works for Working People

tt59.jpgFinancial planning is not only a critical component of business, it also applies to life. Whether you’re looking at business receipts or a family budget, how you plan often has a profound effect that reverberates throughout your financial structure. It also has a direct and often powerful impact on your future actions. I point this out because the state legislature is in the midst of reviewing Governor Christie’s budget, and I, along with my fellow legislators, are carefully examining his plan.

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Sports: A Connection to Character

tt58.jpgThis week my son is finalizing his college football commitment and it got me to thinking about the impact that sports has on our lives. More specifically, the contribution that sports has in shaping our individual character and the lessons that we learn about ourselves by participating in athletic competition.

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Opinion: Proposed reforms boost chances for offenders to re-enter society successfully

With the so-called "war on drugs" now in its fourth decade, its resultant casualties have left many to note that this disastrous policy has replaced slavery and the Jim Crow laws as a way to disenfranchise minorities in America.

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N.J. pension fund heads to investigate investment fees and bonuses to private companies

The heads of New Jersey's largest pension funds, skeptical of the hundreds of millions of dollars in investment fees and bonuses paid to private companies, say they plan to launch a probe into how the state awards those fees.

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It’s the Head AND the Heart

tt57.jpgIt’s a quiz that most people would fail. Ask someone what they think healthcare “covers,” and they’ll probably reply that it refers to physical health, something related to our five senses. It’s an obvious and warranted association, but there is a larger connected issue here to which we pay far less attention: behavioral health. On its own, it’s critically important, and when combined with the physical side of the healthcare discussion, it takes on even greater dimensions.

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When Religious Freedom Becomes Divisive

tt_56.jpgThe recent national collegiate basketball championship tournament in Indiana has recently held the attention of sports fans throughout the nation. But a few weeks before the Final Four’s final game this past Monday, the fine citizens of that state watched as the media pummeled its governor, Mike Pence. He signed into law, legislation that would allow owners of businesses, because of their religious beliefs, the right to refuse services to members of the gay and lesbian community. The purpose of the bill in the eyes of many of its supporters is to strengthen the legal defense of business owners in this regard. The narrowness and pettiness of this law (with broader implications that are not petty) make one want to blink and ask: Isn’t this 2015 and you’re kidding, right?

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A Message to My Bosses

tt55.jpgwanted to take this opportunity to thank YOU, the over 219,000 men, women and children of the Seventh Legislative District, for affording me the opportunity and responsibility to serve as one of your elected representatives in the New Jersey General Assembly. It has been one of the highlights of my life to be entrusted with this awesome responsibility, and a charge that I take seriously.

During my short tenure in the Legislature, I am proud to have worked to bring our community, the public and private sectors  together to enrich the quality of life in our area. This ethos of “One Community, One District” is the cornerstone of my philosophy in representing you each day. I am proud to call New Jersey’s Seventh Legislative District my family’s home. And, it is why I have asked for your support in the past, and why today I wish to formally announce my candidacy to represent you again in the New Jersey General Assembly.

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The Power List 2015 and Labor News Round Up

Assemblyman and Assistant to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters

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