Am I My Brother's Keeper?

As the face of poverty has continued to evolve and morph into the faces of our families, friends, and neighbors a sober imperative, with respect to this dilemma, confronts our state and our nation. Is my neighbor's prosperity or ability to get ahead linked to my own? I believe that answer is yes.

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As I recently read President Obama's remarks on addressing the issue of fatherlessness in our country, I was emboldened by the attention he brought to this critical issue. Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in our country and our state. It is an issue that can form the foundation of many of the challenges that families in every population segment of our state may face. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to start a statewide dialogue on this issue, and address its root causes....and to mitigate its negative impact upon our society.

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Why the Common Core isn't so Common

I firmly believe that a consistent educational standard is necessary for our students to compete on a global scale.  A scale which unfortunately, has begun tipping in the other direction.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, is an education push that seeks to make sure students across our country are being taught to such a standard. The Common Core is a dramatic difference from America's current educational standards system for one primary reason. Until recently, we didn’t HAVE a uniform standard across our nation.

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Without YOU There is No Progress

Dear Friends

I hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season, as well as a safe and prosperous start to 2014. I want to take a moment to ask that you join my team as I continue my efforts to bring greater economic opportunity, enhanced educational value to our children, and to grow our middle class by investing in our common future. Please consider a donation today of $25, $50 or $100 by clicking on this link.

Without YOU, there is no progress.  Please help me move New Jersey Forward!

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Gubernatorial Gutcheck: Steve Sweeney, No. 1

Below please find part one of the latest installment of gubernatorial gutcheck, a look at those politicians in both parties angling for the state’s highest office.

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Five political questions for New Jersey in 2014

Will Senate President Steve Sweeney be able to leverage the Senate presidency to forge relationships with North Jersey power brokers necessary to run a statewide campaign, or will Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop be able to stir support from North Jersey cities and be the effective outsider? Both are good questions, and  we can say with some confidence that both Steve camps are working to find the answers.

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PolitickerNJ's 2013 Year in Review

But what we have lived through so far encompassed yet another remarkable year in New Jersey politics, and we were privileged once again to chronicle all the breaks in the action.

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The Southern Strategy and the Road to Drumthwacket Victory

It’s an undeniable truth any New Jersey politician or gubernatorial hopeful will have to contend with if someone south of the state’s North-South divide throws their hat in the ring for the governor’s seat following Gov. Chris Christie’s departure (whenever that may be).

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Dr. Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton - Fighting for Women's Health

Dr. Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton stand up for women. As a medical doctor, Conaway knows how essential access to health care services like mammograms, cancer screenings and pre-natal care are for women in our community. That's why Conaway and Singleton are leading the fight to preserve women's health funding and prevent the closure of additional health care facilities that serve over 40 thousand women with crucial lifesaving medical care.

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Dr. Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton - Keeping Burlington County Safe

Dr. Herb Conaway and Assemblyman Troy Singleton are keeping Burlington County safe.

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