Why Our Democracy Needs You: A Call For Folks To Run For Office

tt-office.jpgThis past Monday, we celebrated Presidents Day, acknowledging the men (so far) who have achieved the highest political position in our country. What is interesting about the mix of our presidents, other than gender, is the variety. Some were rich, others of modest means. Some went to Ivy League schools, and others didn’t even attend college (Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore). Some came from gilded backgrounds of opulence and privilege…while others got their fingernails dirty.

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SMILE: The Beauty Of Healthy Teeth

dental-v22.jpgFebruary is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and it is meant to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Why is this type of celebration — and year-round attention to children’s dental health — important?

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Supporting Community Health Programs Keeps Us All Healthy

troy_talk_comm_health.jpgOne of the fundamental building blocks of a healthy community, where the interests of medicine and democracy intersect, is the ability to provide access to quality health care for everyone. We constantly face the deluge of questions on this subject: Who, what, how and how much should we pay for health care? I’m a firm believer that at the individual level, when we are healthier or have access to the help we need to become healthy, we are better off both personally and as a community.

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My Unsung Hero Of Black History Month

TROYTALKBHM2.jpgToday marks the beginning of Black History Month in our country. And, while many of the leading figures in African American history are deservedly celebrated during this time of year, there are many unsung individuals whose contribution to our nation’s rich history gets lost. They are individuals who selflessly worked to make our society better, fairer and more accepting of all people. 

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Criminal Justice Reform: An Approach That Works

Smart_on_Crime_v1.pngOne of the great burdens of our society is the over-criminalization of the American people. I call it a burden because of the social, governmental and economic effects this over-criminalization has had on countless communities across the nation. This has led me to focusing on challenging the over-criminalization and incarceration of New Jersey residents by engaging in a deeper analysis of the statutory framework that has led to this issue and new tactics that can bend the curve on its proliferation. 

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Why You Should Mentor During January, National Mentoring Month

  • tt-mentorship.jpgYou can influence someone’s life directly and often quickly.
  • You can contribute to the betterment of an individual and society at large.
  • You can become a better you by placing someone else first.
  • You can better appreciate the effects of a mentor on your dreams, aspirations and successes.

Each of the aforementioned points are key takeaways from the joy of being a mentor to someone, whether personally or professionally. Furthermore, mentoring is a proven strategy that is integral for long lasting and positive development of our youth.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Service And You

mlk_ad.jpgOn Monday, January 15, we will celebrate a holiday dedicated to one of America’s greatest leaders of the 20th century: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public remembrances often evoke some emotion in all of us, leaving us with a strong sense of history as we ponder a specific person or event, seemingly frozen in time. The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is different. While it honors the man for his impact, influence and achievements in civil rights for all people, it offers something more.

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Nuclear Power's Impact On New Jersey

tt-nuclear.jpgIt would be difficult to volunteer a word that has more potential for raising a reflexive concern than the term nuclear. While we know the benefits that nuclear energy provides — plenty of affordable, reliable energy to the world — we allow, privately at least, to fall into the valley of doubt, skepticism and fear about its continued use.

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My Secret New Year’s Resolution

In advance, Happy New Year.troy_talk_Whats_Your_Resolutionv2_(1).jpg
This is an odd time for the calendar. We’re heading toward the close of the year, usually evidenced by a slower work pace and a more relaxed atmosphere, both in social touches and the tempo of daily activities.
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Happy Holidays: A Time For Joy & Hope

TroytalkHappy_Holiday2017.jpgThe Holiday Spirit is difficult to define. I don’t mean that in the typical dictionary approach but rather in the everyday personal interpretive sense. Ask 10 people what it means, and it will probably vary, though I suspect the theme — fellowship, family and faith — would form some general basis of agreement. (Even the Grinch who grumbles about the holidays can find “comfort” in a reason to complain.) Anecdotally, people seem to be a bit more “lifted” in spirit and personality. You’ll often hear a Happy Holidays or a greeting of Merry Christmas.

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