Why Can’t Stakeholders And Shareholders Both Profit?

Artboard_1-100_(1).jpgThe Need For Public Benefit Corporations In New Jersey

When I was an undergraduate student at Rowan University, I recall one of my business school professors saying that a company where both stakeholders and shareholders see the company as successful is like finding the mythical unicorn. Not likely. I could see the logic of the argument but why should it be that way?

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Hunger Is Not A Game

tt-hunger-is-not-a-game.jpgYesterday, July 4th, was hopefully a day of fun and relaxation for most New Jersey residents. I also hope that you took a moment to reflect on the greatness of our country, even as we work through the challenges we face nationally. Many of us may have had a chance to hover over the grill, enjoy a picnic feast, nibble on cookies and lemonade and have the pleasure to reach out for that extra hot dog we didn’t need to eat.

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A Road Map For New Jersey’s Path To Innovation


Restoring Collaboration Between Academia, Technology And Industry

If you read the business pages of any significant publication, the mantra for future success, both for businesses and the economy in general, is an unmistakable, if frequently repeated mantra: innovate or expect to decline, and even die.

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The Outdoor “Escape” We All Need - Exploring New Jersey’s State Parks And Forests

tt-great-outdoors.jpgIt’s mid-June and the air is warmer, everything seems brighter, and people just seem to be a bit more relaxed during the summer. As we usher in the summer, it’s the perfect time to step away from your phone, take a break from the computer mouse, forgo that rerun on television and get outside.

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Getting Sick Shouldn’t Put You In The Poor House

One of the most persistent issues that I hear about from my 7th Legislative District bosses concerns high and rising prescription drug prices. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, our country spends nearly $1 billion a day on prescription medicine, with that number projected to increase over 6% per year on average over the next decade. Further, because the government pays more than 40% of all retail prescription drug costs, this level of increase will constrain and stress state and federal budgets. This has been fueled largely by new drugs entering the market and price hikes of existing prescription drugs. As we consumers call for better cures, we also must demand that access to those vital medicines do not force us into dire financial conditions.  

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The Men In Our Lives

tt-mens-health_fathers-day.jpgThis month, we celebrate and acknowledge two special events related to men: Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month.

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Here Comes The Sun

TT_Beach_1.pngUnofficially summer has begun! OK, for you sticklers, the “official” first day of summer is June 22, but the weather that we’ve waited for is here, the outdoor activities we love are ready for our participation or viewing, and from my visual vantage point, it’s picnic and barbecue time.

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Check The "Bag In The Back" This Summer

cheakbackseat.jpgSummer “officially” begins in a few weeks. Let’s ensure that this is a summer of fun and fond memories, and if you have a child that rides in the back seat, take the extra precaution of never leaving them alone when you exit the car.

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Saluting Those Who Serve

tt-veterans.jpgWorking to Provide Veterans with Job Opportunities, Educational Programs, Housing Assistance and Access to Nutritional Food

It is popular today to publicly praise our soldiers and veterans. We see it at athletic events, and in news coverage, even standing in line at Starbucks when someone offers to buy coffee for a person wearing a military uniform. These tributes are fitting, and they avoid the public distancing marked by forgetfulness that seemed to follow some veterans, especially if they served in Korea or Vietnam. Our military personnel deserve all the attention and praise that we shower on them. And honoring our active and retired armed forces members during National Military Appreciation Month is particularly timely.

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A Mother’s Day Tribute

tt-mothers-day.jpgThis is always one of the most bittersweet blogs that I do each year as it comes right before Mother’s Day. It has now been six years since I lost my mother unexpectedly, less than a week after Mother’s Day 2012. And, while the pain never leaves, it is true that I am able to reflect on the time we had together on this Earth with more fondness.

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