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Opinion: Veto of tax-incentive oversight is a lost opportunity

Given New Jersey's lagging recovery from the recession and our sluggish job growth rate, we need to do a better job of determining whether tax-relief incentives are achieving their goals and working in the taxpayers' best interests.

EARLIER this month, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed legislation (A-939), a measure I sponsored that was designed to improve reporting and disclosure requirements on state tax expenditures intended to boost our economy.

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State Senate 2017 Score Card: The Coming Conflagration

We’ll let other publications summon their best efforts at airlifting national terms like “light blue” and “light red” onto New Jersey’s districts and play-calling the general election over and under dynamics of, say, LD33.

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Street fight: Uber, Lyft have transportation and technology colliding in Trenton

When Garry Goldberg looks to hire a new taxi driver, he says he not only schedules an in-person interview but also performs an unrequired background check on the applicant.

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The legal loophole that allowed Dylann Roof to get a gun

Dylann Roof, the man accused of a shooting spree that left nine people dead at a historic black church in Charleston on Wednesday night, should not have been able to get a gun.

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Opinion: Proposed reforms boost chances for offenders to re-enter society successfully

With the so-called "war on drugs" now in its fourth decade, its resultant casualties have left many to note that this disastrous policy has replaced slavery and the Jim Crow laws as a way to disenfranchise minorities in America.

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N.J. pension fund heads to investigate investment fees and bonuses to private companies

The heads of New Jersey's largest pension funds, skeptical of the hundreds of millions of dollars in investment fees and bonuses paid to private companies, say they plan to launch a probe into how the state awards those fees.

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The Power List 2015 and Labor News Round Up

Assemblyman and Assistant to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters

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2017 Gubernatorial Rumbling

It will be hard once again to avoid 2017 gubernatorial politics on the New Jersey Chamber Train’s Walk to Washington on Thursday.

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POLITICKERNJ’s 50 Most Powerful Elected Officials: 2014

Below is this year’s PolitickerNJ list of the 50 most powerful elected officials in the State of New Jersey.

As always, this is obviously an inexact science, ultimately only prompting questions about the very nature of power.

At the heart of those questions lies the difference between organizational power, where politicians work within a specific political structure to accomplish legislative or executive goals; versus individual power, where the right to exercise one’s First Amendment without care of organizational consequences, creates its own unique kind of influence.

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The LG conundrum

The rubber chicken circuit role as embodied by a vastly overshadowed Kim Guadagno has politicos quietly re-evaluating the office of lieutenant governor.

The way it’s mostly defined now – as a silent second banana to the most powerful governor in the country – has created an uptick in speculation about the job’s future.

Given six years of precedent, does anyone truly want to be the LG of New Jersey?

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