NJ Lawmakers to employ veterans, fill teacher shortage

NEW JERSEY (KYW Newsradio) — New Jersey’s teacher shortage is no secret.

Districts all over the state are offering signing bonuses and other perks to attract new teachers. Which is why lawmakers are now turning to veterans to help fill the teacher shortage void in New Jersey.

“Here, we have a classic two birds and one stone type of situation,” said State Senator Troy Singleton.

They are introducing a bill that would create a 36-month teaching certification course for veterans, who often enter civilian life without a roadmap for success.

Singleton, a sponsor of the bill, says veterans would get their education at Rowan University and be uniquely prepared to teach and be role models for students.

“We believe so many of our veterans can bring so much to the classroom through their unique perspective that I think will help so many of the young boys and girls in school to better understand the importance of not just their education, but what their place in society and our democracy and what it all means.”

There is no cost estimate on the program yet, and it’s unclear how much money, if any, will be paid by the participants. Singleton says some of those details are still being worked out.

The bill has cleared senate committees, but there’s no set date for a full vote yet.

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