Those Who Fought and Died for U.S. Honored During Mount Laurel Memorial Day Tribute

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ – The Mount Laurel community came together on Thursday night to honor those who fought and died for the United States at the Township's annual Memorial Day Tribute.

Originally slated to be held at Laurel Acres Park, the event was moved to the Mount Laurel Community Center due to the threat of rain.

Attendees listened attentively as several local, county and state leaders spoke. The national anthem was sung with a musical background, “Taps” was played on a bugle and “Amazing Grace” was played on bagpipes. Attendees also acknowledged the presence of the many police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, as well as members of Scout Troop 76, at the tribute.

“We come together to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country… They are individuals of courage (and) each has a story that deserves to be told and remembered… Our fallen heroes represent the very best of America," Mount Laurel Mayor Fozia Janjua said.

State Assemblywoman Carol Murphy, who said she was a relative of several retired and current military members, said she read Jenny Mars’ poem “How I Feel About My Enlisted Child” – which discusses a parent’s unwavering sense of pride and never-ending support through the years that culminates in the child joining the military – during the tribute to share her feelings about soldiers and veterans.

State Senator Troy Singleton’s remarks included a request that those who have not served in the military or do not know anyone who has served in the military to always recognize the importance of recognizing the debt military members and their families are owed.

Burlington County Commissioner Daniel J. O’Connell said during some of his remarks how non-military members and non-military families can pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for the United States’ freedom.

“We can follow their example in performing our own acts of service both large and small," said O'Connell. "Join a local fire department or first aid squad. Mentor a youth or donate food.”

Attendees also watched as a law enforcement official placed a wreath near a temporary veterans’ memorial consisting of a picture of soldiers in action, an American flag encased in a frame and a statute reading “All gave some, some gave all.” Attendees also clapped in appreciation when the handful of veterans from past wars who were present at the tribute stood to be recognized.

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