Which New Jersey Hospitals Are The Safest? Here Are The Results Of A New National Survey

Fewer hospitals in New Jersey earned an "A" for patient safety in the latest national report card released Tuesday. 

That drove New Jersey's national rank down from 11th to 17th best for the strategies they used to prevent infections, falls and other harmful mistakes, according to the report. 

Just 22 of the 65 hospitals graded earned an A compared to the 30 hospitals that aced the survey in October, the report said.

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, released twice a year since 2012, was developed in the wake of a landmark 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine that revealed hospital errors kill about 98,000 patients a year. The survey doesn't measure a doctor's care, but rather how safe the hospital has kept a patient while receiving that care.

Although some hospitals have criticized the survey as too simplistic and reliant on dated information, Leapfrog's report card has become a widely tool to educate the public, prod poor-performing hospitals to improve and reward high-achievers which proudly use their A's in marketing campaigns.