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Troy Talk: Evidence-Based Policymaking: The Ultimate Test Of What Works

evidence_1.pngDoes it work? Is it worth it?

These two short sentences are the public’s two most salient questions when they hear about a new program, policy or initiative. They represent a common thread: citizens pay for all of these with their tax dollars.

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Troy Talk: Right-To-Work Laws: A Common Falsehood

There is an old adage, "If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is." I am reminded of this when I hear proponents of Right-to-Work laws talk about their impact on the labor market and the overall economy. Despite its seemingly well-intentioned name, this type of law does not guarantee anyone a job or provide a state with an economic boom.

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Troy Talk: A Letter To My Bosses

LTMB.jpgDear Bosses,

You don’t often ask me directly what I’m doing, or even more importantly, what I have done for you. When I began working for you — the residents of the 7th legislative district — my goal was always to do the best job possible, to protect and advance your interests and to establish a framework for anticipated and unanticipated challenges in the future.

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