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Troy Talk: My Effort Towards Excellence In Economic Development

tt-economic-development.jpgThe next topic that I want to explore in this Summer Series Legislative Recap is that of the economic development initiatives I have sought to advance. My focus in this area is uncomplicated. We need an economic development agenda that is forward-thinking and allows innovation to advance while igniting investment, preparing our workforce to meet the challenges of the jobs of tomorrow and leading our economy towards a sustained path of inclusive economic prosperity. Sounds easy right?

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Troy Talk: It's Not What You Know, It's How You Know It

tt-how-you-know.pngOne of the the aspects that I enjoy the most about my job as a state representative is meeting new and interesting people. One such individual is my friend, Dr. Nicole Gillespie. Dr. Gillespie is the Executive Director & CEO of the Knowles Teacher Initiative. This organization was founded in 1999 to increase the number of high quality high school math and science teachers with the ultimate goal of improving STEM education in our country. They are working everyday to ensure that we have an ample supply of teachers prepared to help our students meet the challenges that await them in our burgeoning STEM world.

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Troy Talk: Environmental Pragmatism: A Middle Ground For Both Sides

tt-enviro-pragmatism.jpgAs a continuation of our Summer Series Legislative Recap, I wanted to highlight the proposals I have sponsored on energy and environmental policy. New Jersey has a unique and somewhat tortured history with respect to the environment. This history has shaped my thinking on how to effectively protect the environment, while rejecting that it is a binary choice versus growing our economy. Much of my thinking in this area is based on the concept of “environmental pragmatism”. This concept envisions a new ideological approach to addressing the issues confronting our environment, while not pitting the environment against economic growth strategies.

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