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Troy Talk: Saluting Those Who Serve

tt-veterans.jpgWorking to Provide Veterans with Job Opportunities, Educational Programs, Housing Assistance and Access to Nutritional Food

It is popular today to publicly praise our soldiers and veterans. We see it at athletic events, and in news coverage, even standing in line at Starbucks when someone offers to buy coffee for a person wearing a military uniform. These tributes are fitting, and they avoid the public distancing marked by forgetfulness that seemed to follow some veterans, especially if they served in Korea or Vietnam. Our military personnel deserve all the attention and praise that we shower on them. And honoring our active and retired armed forces members during National Military Appreciation Month is particularly timely.

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Troy Talk: A Mother’s Day Tribute

tt-mothers-day.jpgThis is always one of the most bittersweet blogs that I do each year as it comes right before Mother’s Day. It has now been six years since I lost my mother unexpectedly, less than a week after Mother’s Day 2012. And, while the pain never leaves, it is true that I am able to reflect on the time we had together on this Earth with more fondness.

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Troy Talk: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

tt-fighting-back-domestic-violence-.jpgWhen you examine the issue of domestic violence, the sheer magnitude of the problem and the relentlessness of its presence can give us pause as we try to combat it in a meaningful and measurable way.

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