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Troy Talk: A National Drug Policy: Focus On The Future, Not The Past

tt162.jpgWhen does a national policy finally reach the point where it is an acknowledged failure, regardless of how well-intentioned it was when we first promulgated it? When does it become necessary to raise the obvious yet fundamental assertion that our efforts to contain and curtail illegal drug use as a major policy approach have been a dismally unsuccessful? 

In the medical field, if you test a drug as a possible cure and the results demonstrate its ineffectiveness, a scientist would move on, seeking another solution. We had waged war against drugs for 50 years when the UnitedStates glommed onto the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1961. Ten years later, President Nixon followed with the “war on drugs.”

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Troy Talk: Are Free Market Forces the Solution for Our Country’s Health Care Woes?

tt-health.pngThere is no topic in recent times that garners more attention than health care, except for the never-ending debate on higher taxes. Cupped into the debate surrounding health care in our country are the oftentimes competing concerns of cost, quality of service, availability, and who pays for what.

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Troy Talk: Small Business: The Real Business of America

tt-small-biz2.gifIf you want to take the measure of business in the United States, just glance at those stores on the strip mall that you pass every day on your way to work. It’s your bagel place, a laundry operation, maybe a strictly takeout restaurant. Many are microbusinesses. And if you want to take the measure of business in the United States that you don’t see, imagine all the small companies run from home, self-employed consultants, for example, on every subject under the sun.

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