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Troy Talk: A Beam of Light on a Sound Idea: The BEAM Act

troy-talk-homes.pngMost of us still remember the economic freefall that started in 2008. Despite economic improvement, scars remain. And one of those ever-present reminders are people who bought homes at the high-water mark and are still underwater regarding their mortgages. It’s a homeowner’s nightmare, owing more for a home — the largest personal investment most people make — than what you can sell it for. I can attest to this from personal experience.

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Troy Talk: Developing A Workforce That Achieves Growth With Equity

tt-workforce.pngOne of the fundamental challenges with combating income inequality is ensuring that we have a workforce in place to meet the needs of today’s employers, while being mindful of where the jobs of tomorrow will exist. This requires meaningful strategic investment in New Jersey’s greatest asset -- our human capital -- and making sure that wages for our labor force match that investment. This investment is critically important in today’s day and age as many on the higher rungs of the economic prosperity ladder have done well, while residents in the middle and lower end of the economic scale have largely been left behind.

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Troy Talk: Women's History Month

tt-womens-history.jpgIn my blogs, I often refer to days, weeks or months that have special significance to us as New Jersey residents and as Americans. This month, Women’s History Month takes front-page status because of its importance.

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