Troy has been on the front lines of protecting middle class families in New Jersey. As a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, he has worked to make the right choices, putting people before politics and focusing on growing our state’s economy.

Troy has led the way in helping small businesses get the support they need to hire new workers and make investments in new technology. He is working to attract new, high-tech companies to South Jersey that will create good jobs with benefits. Troy supports expanding tax incentives for small businesses to make South Jersey an industry leader in clean energy research and development – increasing solar panel installation and manufacturing of wind turbines in New Jersey, instead of sending jobs overseas.

Gun Control

Troy understands that illegal gun sales and weapons trafficking are the real problems in our communities. That’s why Troy has authored a number of laws to keep our neighborhoods safe while respecting the rights of law-abiding citizens -- including mandating that felons serving prison sentences for gun crimes don’t get released early, and requiring the automatic forfeiture of any cars used in the illegal trafficking of weapons.

Troy's practical approach to decreasing gun crime has focused on proposing common sense reforms to keep our families safe. Additional measures that Troy has authored include combating the flow of guns through New Jersey through "straw purchases" and increasing the penalties for licensed dealers who knowingly sell firearms to people who will pass them on to those who are disqualified from possessing guns in New Jersey.


A father of three, Troy is committed to improving education for all children regardless of where they live in our state. Troy has fought to make sure our tax dollars reach classrooms by eliminating perks for school administrators and bureaucrats and has voted to provide much-needed funding for upgrading our public schools -- lifting that burden off the shoulders of local property taxpayers -- and has made it his goal in the Legislature to ensure top-notch education availability for New Jersey’s children remains a top priority for all lawmakers.

Troy also authored a bill to allow upgrades to our facilities of higher education to attract and retain New Jersey's best and brightest students seeking higher education. An avid proponent of youth education, Troy has been on the front lines of ensuring that our children receive the best education by any means possible.


Troy's grandfather fought for our nation in World War II, and Troy proudly carries on his family’s tradition of honoring and respecting the sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans. He has written legislation to help ease the transition of soldiers returning to civilian life, including the “Helmets to Hardhats” program which is expanding job and educational opportunities for returning service men and women. Troy remains committed to ensuring our returning veterans have access to good jobs and vital job training.

Standing up for Women

Troy is standing up for New Jersey's women, leading the fight to preserve funding for women’s health care services including funding for mammograms, cancer screenings and pre-natal care. Without Singleton’s work, many local women’s health care facilities would be forced to close their doors forever, denying 40,000 women crucial life-saving medical care. And Troy supported state legislation to end workplace discrimination and ensure equal pay for women.

Troy also wrote landmark legislation for victims of domestic and sexual violence, improving community resources for victims, broadening legal protections for women who have been abused and providing electronic monitoring for domestic violence offenders.

Protecting our Environment

Troy knows that clean air, water and energy in New Jersey is essential, both to keep our economy competitive and preserve our quality of life. Troy co-sponsored a landmark clean energy bill that stabilized the solar energy industry in New Jersey, protecting and expanding thousands of clean jobs. Troy also wrote the law that streamlines bureaucratic red tape around clean energy programs in New Jersey, saving taxpayer money and expanding the use of clean energy in our state. And Troy has supported efforts to preserve open space for future generations of New Jerseyans to enjoy.


Coming from a close-knit family, Troy understands society’s shared responsibility to care for our senior citizens. That’s why Troy voted to strengthen protections against elder abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, financial exploitation and neglect. And Troy is fighting to preserve vital property tax relief for seniors, so they can stay in the homes in which they've raised families and built years of memories. Troy pledges to continue to fight against deep cuts to nursing homes that will hurt quality of care and patient safety.

Keeping Burlington County Affordable

Troy is committed to keeping life in Burlington County affordable for all residents. That's why he's fighting for a bipartisan property tax cut for middle-class families, and why he's supported tax cuts for small businesses to expand and create new jobs. And when other bridges in the region increased tolls to $5, hitting commuter hard during the recession, as a member of the Burlington Bridge Commission Troy successfully held the line on toll increases each and every year to maintain the $2 toll rate on the Burlington-Bristol and Tacony-Palmyra bridges.

Higher Education

A former state college Trustee, Troy knows that quality higher education in New Jersey is essential to helping our children get tomorrow's good-paying jobs and keeping our state competitive in today’s economy. That’s why he sponsored last year's voter-approved referendum which is investing more than $1 billion in our colleges and universities to provide New Jersey students and entrepreneurs the tools they need to compete. Todays' investments in cutting edge facilities, which lead to new start-ups in biotech, computing and alternative energy, will power New Jersey's economy in the future and keep us competitive with neighboring states like New York and Connecticut.

To further support educational success, Troy also sponsored the bill which directs the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Secretary of Higher Education to promote establishment of higher education and business partnerships.