A New Jersey Formula For Fun

tt24b.jpgWho says I can’t have fun? After I reviewed the feedback from my blogs during recent months, I heard from many folks who said, "Wow, Troy, you are really serious about everything! What do you do for fun?" Well, when it comes to the issues that matter to my bosses of LD7, I am pretty serious. That said, all work and no play would make me a dull boy.

I like to have fun because it’s enjoyable and I know it’s a great release from the daily grind that all of us face. I was told by my Administrative Director, Hilary, that August is National Family Fun Month. So, what better reminder for all of us to lighten up a bit and have fun before Summer ends. While I look inward often when examining policy issues, I thought it was time to look outward and see the good and various ways there is to have fun in our great state.

Despite the occasional jab we get from “outsiders,” we New Jersians know that our state has the best of everything and something for everyone. This is not just a sales pitch for Jersey but a reflection of all that the Garden State has to offer. You can work up a sweat hiking in the mountains or along the Appalachian trail (http://bit.ly/1pzPn3m), then jump into your car and rush (OK, driving within the speed limit) and cool off in the Atlantic Ocean.

From chess tournaments to clubs and cruises and carnivals and watching the constellations at night, it’s something here for everyone. I could write a 20-page blog and started to, then I thought it made more sense to direct you to several great websites brimming with ideas and suggestions. These are:


Some people have suggested that the "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"  mantra, which I subscribe to is more than just a slogan but a way of life. I admit that having focus is part of my personality. But, I derive a great deal of enjoyment from the time I spend with my family. We enjoy the shore and summer carnivals (the variety and atmosphere are unbeatable). When I’m having fun, I leave the worries of the legislature behind and enjoy the company of those whom I care for the most. You can too. Enjoy New Jersey and everything it has to offer all month long. Ok, gotta run. It's my turn on the boogie board. Peace till next time!

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