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Troy Talk: Tax Incentives: A Way Forward to Economic Prosperity

tax-incentives.jpgEconomic progress doesn’t guarantee life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. But it does create the social, cultural and personal conditions that help to position us as we try to attain our dreams while serving as positive, contributing members of our local communities...

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Troy Talk: A July 4th History Quiz

tt-4th-of-july-quiz.jpgIt’s old, 243 years to be exact. It contains slightly more than 1,400 words — the length of a longish magazine article — its language might seem a bit dated, and if you held it in your hand, it might weigh a few ounces. It takes about nine minutes to read aloud...

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Troy Talk: PTSD Awareness Day: Creating Awareness, Offering Support

tt-ptsd-month.jpgEveryone in life will at some point become subject to a traumatic event. Where and how differs, but life has a way of placing us in these situations. Most people recover, but many find it much more difficult to do so. Indeed, according to government figures, about 8 million people have a particularly hard time recovering. That’s why June, and this day in particular, is an appropriate time to remind ourselves about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

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