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Troy Singleton has been dedicated to job creation, economic development, and the needs of New Jersey’s working families. And we’ve still got work to do.

Human Trafficking: Today's Modern-Day Slavery
Human Trafficking: Today's Modern-Day Slavery

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Yesterday, Jan. 11, was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 

In its simplest form, human trafficking is about buying and selling people. It exists everywhere around the globe and in different methods. The bottom line is that it is an industry that profits from exploiting people. And it is often and correctly compared with slavery. To better understand who or how a person becomes a victim — and it can be anyone — I urge you to watch this heart-breaking public service announcement.

Singleton-Madden ‘Health Care Heroes Violence Prevention Act’ Advances

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Trenton – In a move to further protect health care workers, the Senate today advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Troy Singleton and Senator Fred Madden that would establish the “Health Care Heroes Violence Prevention Act,” expanding protections for health care workers who are subjected to workplace violence.

Why lawmakers take another swing at changing NJ’s liquor license laws

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Gov. Murphy raised the issue in his State of the State address. Two prominent lawmakers have proposed legislation

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