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Troy Singleton has been dedicated to job creation, economic development, and the needs of New Jersey’s working families. And we’ve still got work to do.

Clean, Safe Drinking Water For All New Jersey Residents
Clean, Safe Drinking Water For All New Jersey Residents

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As we roll into August, it’s timely to both recall and appreciate how crucial safe water is to us, especially during these summer months. The heat has ensured that most of us will be drinking fluids to remain hydrated. And, of course, that means drinking plenty of clean, safe water. National Water Quality Month reminds us how precious that access is.

Medication And Health Care Are Expensive. But It Doesn’t Have To Be. | Opinion

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Americans are struggling to afford the high cost of healthcare in this country. As many as 24% of New Jersey residents reported that they did not fill a prescription due to cost, and polling shows that 59% of New Jerseyans are concerned about the cost of prescription drugs.

New Anti-Hazing Law Requires Schools to Toughen Policies, Increases Penalties to Protect Students

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TRENTON, NJ  – New Jersey's new "Tim J. Piazza's Law" puts in place stringent guidelines requiring public and non-public middle schools and high schools, as well as higher education institutions, to adopt anti-hazing policies and penalties for violations of the policies. 

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