Am I My Brother's Keeper?

As the face of poverty has continued to evolve and morph into the faces of our families, friends, and neighbors a sober imperative, with respect to this dilemma, confronts our state and our nation. Is my neighbor's prosperity or ability to get ahead linked to my own? I believe that answer is yes.

From our earliest life lessons, our parents always tried to instill in us to be the best that we can be. However, we cannot, in that quest, forget that we are a part of a collective body whose shared prosperity is the key to widespread sustainable growth on a macro level. The challenge of recognizing that symbiotic relation, without losing the meaning of those individualized lessons from our youth is indeed great. As my late mother would often tell me, "be all you can be, but use your gifts to help your neighbor."

And, we must answer that call of community and inclusion with a sound and reasoned fiscal strategy that promotes a shared prosperity for all citizens. In my opinion, that strategy begins with "rebooting the fiscal conversation" in our country. A conversation that replaces words like sequestration with job creation and investing in the economic security of our families. A conversation that moves from pitting neighbor against neighbor to one that brings neighbors together to work towards a common solution. This effort, if done correctly and reasonably, will ensure that our nation's future economic gains not only benefit those at the very top of the economic ladder but those who struggle the most to get on.

Am I my brother's keeper? YES I AM!


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