Assembly bills to help female veterans

Following a special joint hearing, the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee approved legislation Wednesday designed to help New Jersey’s female veterans get the help and services they need when they return home from the front lines.
Female veteransLuke Sharrett, Getty Images

One bill would require the Adjutant General to create a public webpage with information specifically for female veterans. The site would have to include information about veterans’ legal rights, benefits, medical and insurance issues, education and the transition to civilian life.

“There’s counseling resources, there’s job training,” said bill co-sponsor, Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt (D-Voorhees). “It would answer questions like, ‘How do I provide for my family while I’m in the military? How can I get transportation to and from the services I need?’”

Another measure would require the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs to establish a program to provide assistance to qualified veterans in inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, to travel to attend counseling programs within this state.

“A webpage for female veterans would be a comprehensive source of information so that female veterans may be informed of the rights of veterans and the resources available to veterans without having to gather such information in a piecemeal fashion,” said Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Mount Laurel) in a press release. “Creating a one-step website for women veterans makes common sense, and would go a long way to ensuring they get the help they need.”

The legislation now awaits scheduling for a vote in the full Assembly. For more information on veterans’ services available in New Jersey, click here.

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