Assembly wants tax data restored to N.J. site

Looking to restore some transparency, the New Jersey Assembly has passed a bill directing the state to post online a complete summary of property tax data online every year.


The Christie administration this year deleted some tax information that was on the Department of Community Affairs website in previous years because it was confusing to taxpayers, said Assemblyman Troy Singleton Monday.

"I prefer to let taxpayers make that decision whether or not too much information is confusing to them. We just want to make sure that we keep an open and transparent government consistent with what the governor has said quite often," said Singleton, D-Burlington. "So we want to deliver on that promise."

The legislation would give residents one online site where they could find comprehensive property tax data, Singleton said.

The data would include when people could get homestead rebates or a property tax freeze.

"Without that information people, don't realize it, and they're calling our offices, and they're wondering whether or not they can apply for it, when they can apply for it, when would it be administered," said Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt, D-Camden. "The real truth is the governor put a hold on this, and it's not available to the people, and there are property tax increases to the people of New Jersey."

The measure is still awaiting action in the state Senate.

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