Assemblyman Troy Singleton proposes state registry for animal abusers

A New Jersey lawmaker is proposing an online registry for people convicted of abusing animals.

Assemblyman Troy Singleton says that he would like to see a database that would be made public on the New Jersey Health Department’s website that would show anyone either criminally convicted of animal cruelty or found civilly liable for abuse.

The registry would include the person’s full name, plus a photograph if one is available. It would not include the person’s Social Security number or driver’s license number.

"This registry can help protect animals from potential abusers," Singleton said in a statement. "Keeping a record sends the message that animal cruelty is not an insignificant crime, and can help animal organizations better screen prospective employees and individuals looking to adopt animals."

In addition to the registry, the bill would also expand the offenses that would disqualify someone from becoming an animal control officer.

The bill was approved by a state committee last week and will now go before the full General Assembly for a final vote.


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