BCC ranked high in raising earnings

PEMBERTON TWP. Burlington County College ranks among the top community colleges for its ability to increase its graduates' earning power, according to a recent report by the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution.

"This is clear, compelling, and objective evidence for students to choose Burlington County College for educational and career success," said college president Paul Drayton. "If you want a bottom-line reason to attend BCC, this thorough analysis by Brookings affirms our ability to add significant dollars to your future salary."

According to the report, "Beyond College Rankings: A Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two- and Four-Year Schools," a BCC graduate's mid-career earnings are 6.1 percent higher than the average salary of peers who graduate from other two-year institutions.

That puts Burlington County College among the top 50 of nearly 5,000 two-year colleges in the nation analyzed by Brookings. - Rita Giordano

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