BCT Letters To The Editor, Oct. 13

Vote for Troy Singleton, helping us is his mission.

I grew up in a household that believed if everyone did their part to make the community better, then the community would thrive. From supporting local businesses, volunteering for community events, to aiding those in need; these principals instilled in me by my parents and I now expect out of my elected officials.

As a former councilwoman in Delran, I found myself always going to ONE individual who was making a difference in serving the community and finding real solutions.

Whether I reached out for a resident needing assistance, a traffic nuisance requiring a resolution, a section of town desperately requiring a new plan to save homes or a community event that lacked a sponsor, I could always pick up the phone, call Troy Singleton confident that Troy would set a course for action.

With Troy's assistance Delran secured grant funding for several infrastructure projects;

Troy took center stage in fighting for equal school funding formulas through out the state;

Troy has been instrumental in updating laws that protect domestic violence victims; and

When a Delran resident's lost dog died at the hands of its pet-napper, it was Troy that became an Advocate for our pets too.

All the values my parents established in my upbringing are the reasons why the choice is clear, we need to elect Democrat Troy Singleton for 7th District NJ State Senate. I know Troy will humbly make his mission to continue to work for the people and the community ... we will thrive with Troy's leadership.

Lona Pangia, Delran

Choose Singh and Pullion for the freeholder board

As I opened my mailbox last weekend, I was confronted with a Republican campaign flier. The advertisement for Bruce Garganio and Linda Hughes for Burlington County freeholder made me laugh in disbelief. Not only did they trot out the tired Republican ideas that Democratic candidates Tom Pullion and Balvir Singh would cause my taxes to go up, they crowed about having reduced my property taxes while in office.

As reported in the Burlington County Times last month, the current freeholders reduced the county tax levy by a total of $30,000. This $30,000 decrease amounts to less than 1/10th of 1 percent change in the taxes paid by residents in some of the county’s 40 towns. This is certainly nothing to brag about.

What people should realize, however, is that last November, New Jersey enacted a 23-cent per gallon increase in gasoline taxes. This amounts to approximately $200 in additional costs for each driver in our county.

Bruce Garganio should recall that he stood in front of the Centerton Bridge, providing full-throated support for this additional tax. His reasoning was that the increase would be used for infrastructure improvements, and the bridge, closed since 2015, could be repaired. Bruce Gargano and Linda Hughes approved spending $261,000 for a feasibility study to determine what repairs would be necessary to open the bridge. But now, suddenly, the bridge is no longer a priority.

Using tired old Republican talking points without any action to back up their claims seems to be a tactic overused by our Republican representatives. Because I want change, because I want people who represent new ideas and a commitment to their constituents, I am supporting Tom Pullion and Balvir Singh for Burlington County freeholders.

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