Burlington County Adds A Second Restaurant Week

If one is good, two is better, right? That’s the thinking of the folks in Burlington County, whose annual restaurant week has proven to be so popular that they are adding a second, winter edition.

The annual event has grown over the past four years and last year featured 75 participants.

Burlington County Commissioners and NJ Senator Troy Singleton are sponsoring Winter Restaurant Week 2023.

The week-long celebration of great food in Burlington County will begin on March 5th and run through the 11th; they already have over 50 restaurants throughout the county signed up.

Burlington County Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson said in a statement,

A record 75 restaurants participated in last year’s Restaurant Week, making it one of our biggest business promotion yet,” Hopson said. “It was so successful, we decided to expand in 2023 by holding both winter and summer events. We think it will give our restaurant an even bigger boost and provide food lovers a second opportunity to sample the best dishes and menus around.

The summer restaurant week will be Aug. 20-26.

State Senator Troy Singleton, who helped sponsor the previous events, told TapInto.net,

Restaurants are important places where friends and family come together to enjoy great food and company and by patronizing them, we help support our own neighbors, friends and communities,” said Singleton. “Restaurant Week provides a boost to these special businesses and promotes all the great dining choices that can be found in Burlington County.

One issue with the celebration is just how big Burlington County is; some restaurants are in close proximity to each other but others are more spread out. To plot out your visit, check out the complete roster of participating restaurants here.

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