Burlington County Leaders Appeal to Philadelphia Mayor to Address “Boom Car” Disturbances

MOORESTOWN, NJ – Burlington County officials have formally reached out to Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, urging her to intensify efforts against disruptive “boom car” parties. These events have been a source of ongoing disturbance for the residents along the Delaware River facing Philadelphia.

The appeal, encapsulated in a letter, was jointly signed by New Jersey State Senator Troy Singleton, Assembly members Herb Conaway Jr. and Carol Murphy, along with Burlington County Sheriff James Kostoplis and Commissioners Felicia Hopson, Dan O’Connell, Allison Eckel, Tom Pullion, and Balvir Singh. They expressed their concerns over the persistent noise pollution from these parties, which not only disrupt nightly peace but have also become a nearly year-round issue.

Citing the increased frequency of these disturbances, local leaders acknowledged their limited jurisdiction over activities in Philadelphia, hence their request for Mayor Parker’s intervention. The letter highlights previous efforts, including new reporting procedures, area closures, and enhanced patrols that have yet to curb the problem effectively.

The New Jersey legislation has introduced fines escalating for offenders, and Philadelphia has enacted similar measures with options for vehicle seizures. However, the leaders emphasized that without diligent enforcement, these regulations remain ineffective. They hope for a cooperative response from Philadelphia authorities to help mitigate the noise that significantly affects the quality of life for their constituents.

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