CUAC Expansion Bill Passes Assembly, Sent to Governor

TRENTON, N.J. – Legislation (S-2660) that would expand the state’s Credit Union Advisory Council (CUAC) to seven members and provide for representation of federally chartered credit unions passed the Assembly yesterday 78-0. Now awaiting Governor Christie’s consideration, the measure was sponsored by Senate President Steven Sweeney (D3) and Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D7) in their respective houses of the legislature.

The bill expands the CUAC from five members to seven and designates that not less than four seats can be held by representatives of state chartered credit unions and not less than two seats can be held by representatives of federally chartered credit unions.

The CUAC was established through legislation enacted in 1984 as a vehicle for state chartered credit unions to advise state government on credit union related matters. Members are nominated by the governor and must be confirmed by the state Senate.

This legislation recognizes that federally chartered credit unions, though primarily regulated by the federal government, are also subject to numerous state laws and regulations and should have a voice as well.
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