DOT Holding Virtual Information Center On Congested Area Intersection

FLORENCE, NJ – The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will be holding a virtual Public Information Center (PIC) throughout the month of March to provide residents, officials and the business community with information regarding proposed intersection improvements at Route 130 and Delaware Avenue/Florence-Columbus Road (CR-656) in Florence, according to an NJDOT document released by State Senator Troy Singleton’s office.

Through the PIC, the public will be able to view a pre-recorded Power Point presentation, review exhibits of the proposed project, submit questions and provide comments.

According to the NJDOT, the purpose of the project is to address “increasing congestion, inadequate geometric layout for turning vehicles and safety issues resulting in vehicular collisions, including heavy trucks” at the intersection, which is in part due to increased warehouse development in the area.

Currently, the proposed project is in the Concept Development phase. According to the NJDOT, the project will address the “project need and improve pedestrian facilities between adjacent residential developments and commercial establishments at the intersection, including sidewalks and ADA compliance, and upgrading signalized intersection to current standards. The intersection will be revised to restricting left-turning movements. A connector roadway and upstream traffic signal will be constructed to accommodate westbound left-turn movements.”

The NJDOT document goes on to say that “the new signalized intersection will be added East of Delaware Avenue/Florence-Columbus Road, and a new roundabout will be added South of Delaware Avenue/Florence-Columbus Road connecting Florence-Columbus Road, Birch Hollow Drive and the connector road to the new signalized intersection.”

The NJDOT says that the current Concept Development phase is estimated to be completed in June of this year, with preliminary design being completed in December 2022 and final design completed in December 2023. Construction is estimated to begin in the Summer of 2024, with completion in the Summer of 2025.

To sign in to view the Public Information Center, and to participate, click HERE.

The site will be available for viewing from March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021.

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