Here Comes The Sun

TT_Beach_1.pngUnofficially summer has begun! OK, for you sticklers, the “official” first day of summer is June 22, but the weather that we’ve waited for is here, the outdoor activities we love are ready for our participation or viewing, and from my visual vantage point, it’s picnic and barbecue time.

During recent months, I’ve been writing about topics of serious import. But I also recognize that we all need a break from the sober subjects we confront and want to lean occasionally toward something a bit more relaxing.

I believe that most people would regard the U.S. population as a hard-working group. We put in the hours. While I’m proud of our nation’s work ethic, my advice is that it’s OK to take some time off and enjoy it with family and friends now that summer is at our doorstep.

Let’s consider some New Jersey good news. According to a report, Money magazine ranked Asbury Park as the second-best beach in the entire United States (though I am partial to Ocean City), and Conde Nast Traveler described Cape May as the most beautiful of all New Jersey beaches.

And if all of that doesn’t give you chills of excitement, then here’s a thought that might give even the hardiest the jitters. According to a recent article, we have  “one of the world’s most haunted bodies of water.”

Allow me these few suggestions to make this summer both fun and almost effortless.

  1. Decide to take some time off and relax in a way that fits your style and your family’s preferences.

  2. Pick a time and an activity. This avoids the “I’m gonna do it” that evaporates in the cooling breeze of fall. You’ll avoid the regretful comments of, “summer flew by.”

  3. Stay in New Jersey. Why leave New Jersey when we have so much to offer? Explore a location or activity that’s a first for you and your family. In fact, over the summer, I plan to highlight some “staycation” spots – historical, cultural, and recreational – that are located within my Legislative District. Stay tuned for more information on that!

  4. What to do? Here are a few websites that are worth a peek:

101 Days of summer in New Jersey

The Top 50 Attractions in New Jersey

If you have a special place or activity that you would like to share, especially if it’s in that “almost unknown” category, I’d love to hear about it. Please send it along for the comments section of this blog. I’m looking to explore more of our great state this year.

And if you’re out there having a wonderful Jersey summertime and you spot me, give a wave (with all five fingers please). I’m enjoying the summertime, too.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

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