How I got here

I have always wanted to be an elected official. I think it may go back to my man, Michael J. Fox. See, Michael J. Fox played a character, "Alex P. Keaton", from the show Family Ties....Man, I loved that show! Anyway, his political aspirations and admiration of Republican political leaders caught my attention. I either smartened up or missed the boat (you can decide) since "Alex" was a pretty staunch Republican and I walk a more progressive path.

photo_(1).JPGHowever, I think the real reason I have sought public service as a calling can be traced back to when I was a kid, I used to on occasion visit my Mom at her IRS office and see the President's picture on the wall. I always envisioned that someday it would be my picture up there...(of course, I told  her that regularly in an effort to lesson my chores but sadly that didn't fly). Something about even if I were to be president, I still had to do what she says. So much for being the leader of the free world...SMH.

Well, when I won my first election in 2011 my mother grabbed me and whispered in my ear, "Step 1". I didn't really remember why she said it until the day I got sworn in to the Assembly. And, if you missed it check this out...(be warned though, have a kleenex or the fast forward button ready because I couldn't get my speech out because I am a big cry baby)....

Mom is no longer with us, and I am not sure if this is the start or the last stop of my journey in politics but glad that she got to witness Step 1.

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