Letter: Your Votes Can Protect Women's Healthcare

On Nov. 7, New Jersey voters will have a choice. They can continue to attack women’s reproductive healthcare services, like cancer screenings, birth control, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, as has been done for the past 7½ years under the Christie administration. Or, they can elect leaders who will stand up for women’s health regardless of income or ZIP code.

New Jersey should be a leader when it comes to reproductive health. To do so, we must elect leaders up and down the ballot who will protect our care. Phil Murphy has promised to restore funding for family planning services – funding that will help address alarming increases in STDs and cancer cases. We must stand up to the assault on women’s care by voting on Nov. 7 for Phil Murphy for governor.

New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District must also support Troy Singleton for state Senate plus Carol Murphy and Herb Conaway for Assembly. They have pledged continued support for women’s healthcare and sponsorship of legislation to protect New Jersey’s women.

As individuals, we often feel that we have little say in our government. But on Nov. 7 we each will have the ultimate say with the power of our vote. If you care about women’s health, among other things, your vote should go to Phil Murphy, Troy Singleton, Carol Murphy and Herb Conaway.

Susan Pansius


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