Letters To The Editor For Aug. 12, 2018

Does truth mean anything today?

Those who believe in our founding understand the scope of a senator. Every U.S. senator is obligated to protect and promote his state’s rights and to ensure that the federal government never ever impairs or exploits any “citizen’s” sovereignty. A senator is responsible to protect America “first” in treaties and to approve “only” those nominees who will not redefine but “protect, preserve and defend our U.S. Constitution.” Simple, isn’t it?

Nothing without malice, our New Jersey’s two senators who, by their very being, disavow all allegiance to our nation’s sovereignty including never representing “Jersey’s legal citizens.”

Any citizen can sign up for instant legislative voting results. Observing every Progressive aligned bill or nomination, Robert Menendez without scrutiny voted “aye” yet, he belligerently voted, absent of reason, “no” to all legislation including nominees by any Republican. By his own words, policies and votes, his oath is: “of, by and only for autocracy.”

After the un-Constitutional Obamacare bill was passed, I repeatedly requested, from Sen. Menendez, a copy of that legislation. Having zero trust in Mr. Menendez, I contacted Congressmen Jon Runyon and obtained that bill within 24 hours. Sen. Menendez defines negligence.

Upon contacting Robert Menendez as to one of his “aye” votes cast, he arrogantly commented that he is “government”; proven deceit, irresponsible prejudice and corruption record aside, his untrustworthiness doesn’t qualify him to ever represent New Jersey nor protect America. In short, he is a detriment to every American and their family.

Andrew Roscoe

Mount Laurel


Increase penalties for straw gun purchasers

A Cherry Hill man just pleaded guilty to the “straw” purchase of over 100 handguns, some with extended magazines holding 15 rounds. He admitted re-selling these out-of-state gun-show purchases to criminal drug dealers. His two co-conspirators received six-year sentences due to previous convictions. The Cherry Hill resident faces a maximum sentence of five years.

No one knows how many people may have been injured or killed by these guns. Sen. Troy Singleton has just introduced two gun bills to increase the punishment of people who either steal guns or illegally solicit someone to purchase a firearm for them. Singleton, D-7th Palmyra, introduced the measures, saying they send a message of “zero tolerance” to criminals who attempt to illegally obtain a gun in New Jersey.

Kathleen Strykowsky

Mount Laurel

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