LTE: Troy Singleton Is A True Public Servant

If you’ve ever heard Assemblyman Troy Singleton speak, you’ve probably heard him refer to the people he represents as his “bosses.” So, as one of his bosses, I think now is a good time for a performance review.

Throughout his six years in the State Assembly, Troy has shown that he can get things done. In his first year in the Assembly in 2011, he had more bills signed into law than any other legislator, and this year he was named Legislator of the Year by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce for his work helping small businesses. And if you’re out and about at community events this weekend, it’s likely that you’ll see Troy out there lending a hand to the countless groups trying to make our county a better place to live.

Troy also devotes specific time just for listening to his constituents. Each month, he hosts a “Citizen’s Advisory Panel,” where he directly solicits the opinions of any constituent that show up. He listens to their views, regardless of their political persuasion. Listening is a lost art among politicians, but it’s something that comes naturally to Troy.

I have gotten to know Assemblyman Singleton over the past year, and I can say that he is a true public servant. Edmund Burke once said, “Government and legislation are matters of reason and judgment, not of inclination.” I think that Troy lives up to this standard, seeking out rational solutions through sober analysis and reflection rather than through some blind loyalty to a particular ideology. He works hard, he listens, and he is in politics for the right reasons. On Nov. 7, we should vote to promote Troy Singleton to the NJ State Senate.

Matthew Riggins, Moorestown

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