Caputo, Singleton, Vainieri Huttle & Burzichelli Bill to Allow People to Ban Themselves from Gaming Facilities Without Admitting Gambling Problem OK'd by Assembly

(TRENTON) - Legislation Assembly Democrats Ralph Caputo, Troy Singleton, Valerie Vainieri Huttle and John Burzichelli sponsored to allow a person to require voluntary exclusion from gaming activities without acknowledging being a problem gambler was approved Thursday by the Assembly.

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How I got here

I have always wanted to be an elected official. I think it may go back to my man, Michael J. Fox. See, Michael J. Fox played a character, "Alex P. Keaton", from the show Family Ties....Man, I loved that show! Anyway, his political aspirations and admiration of Republican political leaders caught my attention. I either smartened up or missed the boat (you can decide) since "Alex" was a pretty staunch Republican and I walk a more progressive path.

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Bill would prohibit schools from denying lunch or breakfast

TRENTON — New Jersey schools would be prohibited from denying students breakfast or lunch for at least three weeks after their meal accounts run dry under a measure moving through the state Legislature.

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Am I My Brother's Keeper?

As the face of poverty has continued to evolve and morph into the faces of our families, friends, and neighbors a sober imperative, with respect to this dilemma, confronts our state and our nation. Is my neighbor's prosperity or ability to get ahead linked to my own? I believe that answer is yes.

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Great bill; more transparency

Burlington County Times

Under a bill recently introduced by Burlington County legislators, local governments would be allowed more discretion when auctioning or leasing preserved land for farming purposes.

The legislation would allow county and municipal governments to continue leasing farmland acquired through preservation to a current leaseholder for any time period mutually agreed upon. It also would let them give local farmers preference when auctioning leases for farming publicly owned property rather than force them to always accept the highest bidder.

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Passion for Helping

Mary Ham always knew she wanted to help people and she feels she found the perfect way to do it. The Willingboro resident is a home care nurse for Moorestown Visiting nurses.

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By Troy Singleton: Being a father to my three children: Jalen, Isabel and TJ is the most important job I have ever had in my life. At the same time, having members of my family grow up without a father in their lives, helped me to understand firsthand the holes that fathers leave in their families when they are absent. I believe that we have to send a strong message about personal responsibility while supporting fathers who want to be there for their kids, even while facing challenges in their lives. While no one can legislate fatherhood, we must work to ensure that fathers are able to accept and live up to their responsibilities as parents.

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Dietz & Watson awarded $30 million to stay in Delanco

DELANCO — Dietz & Watson has been awarded $30 million in state assistance to help rebuild its mammoth distribution center, which was lost to a massive fire last fall.

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Assembly Panel Approves Democratic Measure to Strengthen New Jersey Families by Increasing Parental Involvement

Singleton, Watson Coleman, Lampitt, Schaer & Wimberly Legislation Would Establish "Responsible Fatherhood Initiative"

An Assembly panel on Monday approved legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Troy Singleton, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Pamela Lampitt, Gary Schaer and Benjie Wimberly to develop a "Responsible Fatherhood Initiative" in New Jersey geared towards strengthening the development of children throughout the state by promoting the positive involvement of both parents in their lives.

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Singleton, Prieto, Burzichelli & Schaer Bill to Help Manage State Debt in the Face of Mounting Obligations Approved by Assembly Panel

Democratic legislation to help New Jersey address its burgeoning debt load by creating a precise picture of what the state can afford to take on was approved by the Assembly Budget Committee on Monday. The measure is sponsored by Assemblyman Troy Singleton, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Assemblymen John Burzichelli and Gary Schaer.

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