N.J. could become 2nd state with public database of convicted animal abusers

New Jersey may become the second state with a public database of convicted animal abusers.

A bill sponsoring the database passed the state Assembly and now will be voted on by the state Senate.

The bill was created by Rep. Troy Singleton (D).  Singleton said the database would track anyone charged with animal cruelty and can be used by animal rescues and shelters to help deciding who should adopt pets.

The bill would also bar any convicted animal abusers from becoming an animal control officer.

"Too often we are seeing individuals with checkered pasts…still being able to get their hands on animals," Singleton told 69 News.

Jessica Neglia, President of FURR, a cat rescue, said she supports the bill.

"It would make our job as a rescue a lot easier to adopt out to potential families, that's for sure" she said.

Neglia said FURR screens anyone who wants to foster or adopt an animal but said a database would make that process more efficient.


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