New Jersey Senate Approves Bill Mandating Insurance Coverage for Athletic Prosthetics

TRENTON, NJ — The New Jersey Senate has passed a pivotal piece of legislation, sponsored by Senator Troy Singleton, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for residents with disabilities by mandating insurance coverage for athletic orthotics and prosthetics. This legislation, identified as S-1439, seeks to address the challenges faced by individuals requiring specialized prosthetics for physical activities.

Senator Singleton expressed concern over the limited access to appropriate athletic prosthetics, noting the adverse effects on the physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals with prosthetics. “Sports provide physical, mental, and social benefits, and are incredibly impactful on the lives of children and adults alike,” Singleton stated. He emphasized the difficulties faced by those with prosthetics, who often lead more sedentary lifestyles or risk injury due to the high costs associated with obtaining suitable athletic devices, which are currently not covered by insurance.

The bill mandates that health insurance plans provide coverage for an additional orthotic or prosthetic device if deemed necessary by a physician to facilitate participation in sports and recreational activities. This legislative move is intended to bridge a significant gap in care and support for over two million individuals living with limb loss in the United States, as well as many others dealing with limb differences and mobility impairments.

Despite efforts by various nonprofits to offer orthotic and prosthetic care that remains uncovered by insurance, these initiatives have not fully met the widespread needs. With the unanimous passage of S-1439, New Jersey sets a precedent in supporting residents with physical disabilities, enabling more individuals, especially children, to engage actively and safely in sports.

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