New legislation to allow home-grown cannabis

Sen. Singleton says the current high prices are unacceptable

State Sen. Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) has put forward a bill that would legalize home-grown marijuana for at least medical patients, saying the current high prices of commercially grown cannabis are unacceptable.

On several occasions, lawmakers have tried to push through a home-grow bill, and on Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy signaled that he’s open to the idea.

“We’ve tried to give the [state] an opportunity through its regulatory powers to put some pricing controls in place, but frankly, I think it’s time for the legislature … to interject some price controls in this space,” Singleton said.

Jay Lassiter, a cannabis advocate, said: “We’re still fighting for home-grow, which is available in every other state. I believe that’s very low-hanging fruit, so the fact that Trenton politicians still haven’t gotten around to doing it proves just how dysfunctional Trenton is at accomplishing just really easy stuff that would help a lot of people.”

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