NJ Nurses Able To Practice Outside State Borders Under Newly Signed Law

The Nurse Licensure Compact now includes 34 states

Legislation that will enter New Jersey into the enhanced multistate Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), was signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Currently, 33 states are a part of the eNLC, which grants nurses obtaining a license in their state of residence permission to practice nursing in any other state party to the compact.

The measure was sponsored by Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee Chair Sen. Joe Vitale, D-19th District; Sen. Troy Singleton, D-7th District; and Sen. Fred Madden, D-4th District.

“New Jersey will become the 34th state to join this compact, making it easier for us to recruit and hire nurses from states all over the country,” said Vitale in a statement.

“The world is smaller than ever and our state has some of the best medical facilities in the world. Making it easier for people to relocate will ensure that our hospitals and clinics remain fully staffed with the best and brightest, not only from New Jersey but from around the country,” Vitale said.

“Currently, nurses are required to be licensed in each and every state in which he or she chooses to practice,” said Singleton. “But under this Compact, nurses will only have to apply and qualify for licensure and renewal in the state where they reside. This alleviates a major professional barrier in an industry where there is constant demand, especially with our aging population.”

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