NJ Senate Approves Bill To Make Animal Trunk Fighting A Felony

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The New Jersey Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill Thursday to make it a felony to participate in animal trunk fighting. The bill now moves on to the New Jersey General Assembly.

Senate Bill 975 wants to make animal trunk fighting an animal cruelty offense.

It’s happening throughout the country where the trunk is closed on at least two dogs and bets are placed on which dog survives the fight.

Democratic Sen. Troy Singleton, who is cosponsoring the bill with Republican Sen. Tom Kean, said they want to make it clear that New Jersey will not tolerate this.

“When you hear of the heinous nature of it, there is no partisanship for issues like this. So it passed overwhelmingly with no ‘no’ votes at all,” Singleton said.

If the assembly approves the bill and the governor signs it into law, trunk fighting will be a third-degree animal cruelty felony.

Those found guilty could get three to five in jail and/or a fine.

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