Recapping the Summer Policy Series


During this past summer, I wanted to try something different that I hadn’t done previously. I decided to publish my Summer Policy Series, which is a quick overview of some of the initiatives I have authored on a variety of policy topics. I pride myself on trying to be transparent and informative when it comes to my legislative service. That is why I created the Summer Policy Series. I wanted everyone to know where I stand on issues of vital importance to our state and why I take those positions.

To familiarize yourself with or to catch up if you missed them, you can access the Summer Policy Series here:

Someone asked me recently about my series and wanted to know what I considered most important. In reply, I told him that they were all important and that by visiting the site, he could explore the rationale behind my initiatives. I also understand the real answer to the question. While I acknowledge the importance of these issues, I also understand that some are more important than others and only YOU can make that decision. This is why I have tried to be far-reaching, not on just one or two issues, but on a broad range of concerns that are near and dear to the interests of virtually all our citizens.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the public, no matter how well intentioned the politician might be, to actually understand where he or she stands on an issue. Given the charged-up atmosphere of current campaigns, it can be difficult for even the most informed citizen to be fully aware of who represents what on which issues. When you add the immediacy of the media outpouring, resulting in an avalanche of information, it can become even more difficult as sound bites, especially in the electronic and digital media, add to the clutter.

I always thought there was a better way, and my Summer Policy Series was an attempt to provide an easy and logical way for voters to understand how I approach my legislative agenda on their behalf. What I stand for is found in my Summer Policy Series. I have confidence and faith in our New Jersey citizens and I know that many of you are willing to engage yourselves and study the issues. My summer series addressed a myriad of issues that affect virtually all of us. Some of the topics I covered this summer include:

I sincerely hope that you will visit the link to my summer series. I welcome, as always, your feedback. I want to know when you agree, but more importantly, I am very interested in hearing about when we don’t. No one has all the answers, and your opinions matter to me. In the end, I hope that you can see clearly where I stand on the issues and what is near and dear to MY heart. I promised you clarity, not clutter, and I believe the Summer Policy Series delivered on that promise. That’s my take. What’s yours?

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