School Aid Figures Revised: Pandemic Hit On State Budget

Two-thirds of New Jersey districts will see increases reduced — some drastically — from Murphy’s first budget

The Murphy administration last week presented its latest financial blueprint for making up for what will be billions of dollars in lost revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a reduction in almost all new spending for public schools.

On Thursday, the state released the specific aid figures for each school district. Find yours below.

Overall, it’s a $335 million reduction in school aid from Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed $40 billion state budget presented in February, all but wiping out his planned increases for public schools. That means the 300-plus districts that stood to gain will now see their increases scaled back, in some cases significantly.

For instance, Newark will see a $36 million reduction from its planned increase, the largest reduction in the state under the revisions. But the city’s schools still stand to gain $16 million in aid over the current year. For most other districts, the reduction in what they were expecting is far less. The typical district is losing less than $200,000 from their expected increases, and 370 districts still will see at least some bump in funding overall.

For the nearly 200 districts that were seeing cuts under Murphy’s first budget, those cuts hold at the same amount.

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