Sen. Singleton Updates Public on "Boom Car Party" Meeting with Philly Police

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — Have you been woken up late at night by loud, thumping music that seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time?

The culprit could be "boom parties" from Philadelphia, which can be heard all the way throughout South Jersey. 

"Boom parties" have been occurring when large groups of people blast music from cars with massive speakers near the Delaware River. While thought to be taking place in Philadelphia, the vibrations are so high that the bass from the music becomes strong enough to be heard across the river. 

"It's no secret that 'boom car' parties have negatively affected the quality of life in towns up and down the Delaware River," said Senator Troy Singleton. "For so long, we struggled to get Philadelphia officials to take these nuisances seriously, and after months of all parties continuously meeting on this issue, it seems like they finally are."

Singleton's office, along with Assemblywoman Carol Murphy participated in a Zoom call on August 26 with Philadelphia police, local police chiefs and other local officials regarding the boom car noise issue. Singleton says they were informed that Philadelphia officials will be making the issue a "priority."

"The 15th Police District is aware of the noise complaints and nuisances that are being caused along the Delaware River by 'boom' parties," the Philadelphia Police Department's 15th District wrote in a Tweet on Friday. "We are taking this matter very seriously and are adjusting deployment of personnel into these areas to prevent and deter these nuisances from occurring."

"Legal action will be taken when violations are observed, to include vehicle confiscations," the 15th District continued. "Investigations will be conducted and citations/arrests will occur when necessary."

The Philadelphia Police Department asks that anyone with information about the locations of where the boom parties are occurring contact (215) 686-TIPS or (215) 686-3150. 

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