Senator Troy Singleton Appointed Senate Majority Whip

TRENTON, NJ — The incoming President of the New Jersey Senate, Senator Nicholas Scutari, appointed Senator Troy Singleton to the Senate Democratic Leadership team, elevating him as Senate Majority Whip.

“I’m honored to be part of this historic team and look forward to getting to work,” Senator Singleton said. 

Senator Singleton was elected to the Senate in 2017 after previously serving in the Assembly. He will now be part of a new diverse leadership group crafted by Scutari, which already includes Senator Teresa Ruiz, the first Latina Senate Majority Leader, Senator Sandra Cunningham, who will serve as Senate President Pro Tempore, Senator Paul Sarlo, who will serve as Deputy Majority Leader, and State Senator Nellie Pou, who will serve in a newly created position of Senate Majority Caucus Chair. 

“I think it's a credit to Senator Scutari as a person. He looks at our Caucus, which is a diverse Caucus at its outset and looks to find leaders in both age, and gender, and race to provide not just talent but a true microcosm of the state of which we live,” Singleton said. 

The Senator says he looks forward to creating a more cohesive government in his new role. 

“I think over the last couple of years being in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, I think we realize how government efficiency has some gaps, and we need to do everything we can to enclose those gaps to make sure the people of New Jersey have a government that they can trust and rely upon. “

On the list of issues he would like to tackle are all topics that are part of the New Jersey “Affordability Agenda,” including prescription drug affordability, lowering property taxes, and making sure schools have enough revenue.

“Our school funding formula reduces our property tax burden, in making sure our communities,  regardless of their zip code, the children there have a thorough and efficient education. The combination of those three things under the Affordability Agenda are the things we need to get at soon and aggressively.”

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