Singer/Singleton Bill Expands Program Providing Military Men And Women With No-Cost Legal Assistance In Civil Matters

The Senate today passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer and Senator Troy Singleton that would provide legal assistance to service members and veterans at no cost.

The courageous men and women who put on the uniform and risk their lives every day never hesitate when they are called to protect our freedom,” said Singer (R-30). “They shouldn’t have to worry about how they are going to pay for attorneys to represent them in civil court cases. Under our bill, lawyers volunteering their time will take the cases.”

Active duty service members and veterans could qualify for help with civil issues including family law, estate planning, immigration law, employment law, debtor-creditor law and military administrative law under the bill (S-60), called the Military Pro Bono Program.

“Our veterans and their families have been asked to make countless sacrifices for the safety and security of our country. Certainly, any assistance we can provide to them is a token of our gratitude for all the time they and their families put the country first over their own self interests,” said Singleton (D-Burlington).

The bill would expand the New Jersey State Bar Association’s current program providing no-cost legal work for certain military personnel.

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