Singleton Bill to Include Apprenticeship Placements in School Performance Reports Passes Senate

TRENTON, NJ – In an effort to modernize school performance reports, the Senate on Monday unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Senators Troy Singleton and Angela McKnight which would require school performance reports to include information about the placement of graduates, including placement in an apprenticeship.

“Including apprenticeships on school report cards will help provide students with a fuller picture of the diverse opportunities available to them post-graduation,” said Senator Singleton (D-Burlington), who represents Mount Laurel in the Legislature. “It also reinforces that enrolling in a college or university is not the only measure of success after high school graduation, especially at a time when skilled trade workers are in extremely high demand.”

The bill, S-1421, would require the Commissioner of Education to include information about the placement of students following graduation in school performance reports. Currently, school performance reports contain information with regard to a number of student outcomes, including graduation and dropout rates, as well as post-secondary school enrollment.

“Current school performance reports tend to discount the viability and importance of non-college pathways for students, failing to capture when a school does well at preparing students to be trade workers or placing them in apprenticeships,” said Senator McKnight (D-Hudson). “Expanding them sends a message to students that college is not a requirement, that there are other careers available, and will better capture the full extent of school performance.”

Including in the school performance report additional information about the number of students achieving placement after graduation, such as in apprenticeships, would provide a more complete representation of school performance and post-graduation prospects than current reports provide.

The bill was passed in a 38-0 vote. 

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