Singleton Statement on Passage of S-50

TRENTON – Senator Troy Singleton (D-Burlington), the Senate Majority Whip and Chair of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, issued the following statement today on the passage of legislation codifying a new affordable housing framework:

“Without securing the most basic of human needs – a home – the other policies that we pass cannot be as effective. Today, I am grateful that we took an important and indeed monumental step in ensuring that the best parts of our affordable housing system are set in statute and remain efficient and effective for families today and for generations to come. This legislation will provide clear, specific guidance for the enforcement of the Mount Laurel Doctrine, codifying into law the most successful elements of the past eight years of court-led enforcement while driving down the legal costs borne by municipalities, developers, and affordable housing advocates.

“More importantly, everyone wins when our neighbors have an affordable place to live. The creation of affordable housing creates construction jobs and stimulates economic growth. Manageable rent allows working families to have more flexibility and more resources for better food and better healthcare. Housing stability removes barriers to getting better education and work opportunities. Integrated affordable housing builds stronger communities and connections, while alleviating the burden on social services. And most of all, the next generation grows up in stable homes and safe environments.

“S-50 will put us on a pathway to even more success in the next round of affordable housing obligations, scheduled to begin July 2025. With clearer guidance and less legal disputes, affordable housing obligations can be fulfilled faster, expanding opportunity for New Jersey families.

“I thank Senate President Scutari as well as my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate for their support on this legislation, and I look forward to the Governor signing S-50 into law.”

The full video of Senator Singleton’s remarks can be viewed here: Sen. Troy Singleton on Bill to Codify New Affordable Housing Framework (