Singleton Statement On The Passage Of S-232, Environmental Justice Legislation

Trenton – Senator Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) issued the following statement today regarding the passage of the environmental justice legislation, S-232:

“For decades, generations of New Jerseyans have suffered adverse health effects due to the overabundant siting of polluting facilities in their neighborhoods. Their daily routines have been intertwined with the unpleasant smells of industry, unsightly smoke from pollution, and untimely visits to the doctor and emergency room for asthma and other respiratory ailments.

“It is indisputable that poor, urban and minority residents have been unfairly overburdened with toxic facilities. Everyone –regardless of their zip code, income or race –should have the right to breathe fresh air, to drink clean water and live free of toxicity. No one community should shoulder a greater environmental burden than environmental benefit. At least, not anymore.

“Now, after years of having no say, these communities will finally have a voice. After years of waiting for action, this long overdue legislation will deliver the environmental justice that they deserve.

“The environmental impacts legislation passed today will support, not undermine, sorely needed opportunities for growth and development in our overburdened communities, while ensuring a greater commitment to public health. It is the culmination of years of hard work by many advocates and my legislative colleagues on both the state and federal levels. I urge the Governor to sign this bill into law as soon as possible. These communities have waited for environmental justice long enough.”

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