State Of Affairs Examines Climate Change And Making New Jersey More Affordable

Steve Adubato sits down with Sen. Troy Singleton (D) – NJ, Senate Majority Whip, to discuss clean water, climate change, making NJ more affordable, and the January 6th Capitol riots.

Steve Adubato asks Sen. Singleton about affordability in New Jersey, including tax rebates. Singleton says, “what the governor is proposing is to repurpose some additional funds along with the existing homestead rebate program which will be phased out to a new program to bring money back to residents and try and make sure they get their arms around the challenges we have in our state. That’s just the first step though. I think all of us need to double down our efforts to actually address this issue more systematically.”

On the matter of climate change and Governor Murphy’s Energy Master Plan, Singleton says, “I’m all for full accounting of what the Energy Master Plan will cost for New Jersey taxpayer and businesses. We also have to look at if we do nothing, what will that cost us as well.”

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